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Sdms.Px.Indianoil.In Login Details

    The Indian government has launched the SDMS Portal. The agency and corporate stakeholders were initially served by the SDMS site. Now, the portal is accessible to the public and provides services such as petrol refining. A variety of services are offered by government-owned businesses. With their login credentials, customers, distributors, and residents can quickly access the SDMS portal. The SDMS portal is a great tool for conducting online transactions and commerce with the Indian Oil Corporation.

    Sdms.Px.Indianoil.In Login

    Indian Oil SDMS Registration

    • Visit the Indian Oil website
    • At the top of the homepage, you will find various links like registration, login, screen reader access, and many more
    • In those options, click on the registration link
    • Now a page will appear, in that page, you will see the registration form
    • By entering your first and last name fill the form
    • Now choose Trade & Industry Category and enter the District Code and Address
    • Now your form will be complete, and check all the details
    • Click the submit button if you are sure that you have provided the right details
    • You will receive OTP from Indian Oil in your email or SMS
    • Enter OTP to finish the verification process
    • Now the registration process is completed.
    • You will get the login details. You can use these details to log in to the web portal.

    SDMS Login

    Here are the steps to follow for the Sdms.Px.Indianoil.In Login

    • Open this Indian Oil Corporation website page link
    • Choose the "login" button that you can see on the homepage.
    • Type the user ID and password.
    • After entering the user ID and password, you can access the portal for different services.

    Resetting Indian Oil IOCL SDMS Login Password

    • Go to the official website page.
    • Click the "forgot password" option.
    • Enter your user ID and then select the continue button.
    • You will get an OTP code to your registered mobile number.
    • Enter the OTP and start the reset process.
    • Create your new password and then re-enter the password to confirm and complete the process.

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    Checking sales orders with the IOCL website

    In the SDMS platform, you can check the order sold/supplied in a day using the following steps.

    • Go to the Indian Oil Corporation webpage page.
    • On the SDMS login page, type the user ID and password.
    • On the page's dashboard, click "sales order."
    • Next, choose the search button.
    • In the various options, select "delivery from date and delivery till date."
    • Choose the "GO" button.
    • Sales under all the selected dates will appear on the screen.
    • To learn the number of sales, choose the setting tab and then click the "record count."
    • The number of records will generate on the screen.

    Adding a new employee to SDMS Portal

    • Open
    • Type the login details and open the portal.
    • Select the service request partner sites from the menu.
    • Next, click the "site name" to open the names of employees under the tab.
    • To add an employee click the additional icon (+)
    • In the new form, enter the employee details such as social security, family details, training details, bank account, and identities.
    • Finally, recheck the information and select the submit button.

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    Checking the status summary report

    • Open the IOC page website and then log in using the user name and password.
    • In the menu, select "Relationships" and enter the customer number, next, select "Relationship ID."
    • The customer's sales order report will be displayed.
    • Select the name of the report from the tab
    • Then choose the subsidy status report on the another tab
    • Click the "download" button.

    Features of the SDMS portal

    The SDMS gateway's features are easy to use and do not require any IT knowledge. Users of SDMS can have access to items including polymers, oil, and gas. Distributors, dealers, and partners don't have to go to the company's headquarters to get any services.

    You can access this platform from a range of devices. It is easy to get reports, check payments, and get other crucial information online. You can enquire about any information by contacting the customer care numbers listed on the website.

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    Bottom line

    The SDMS portal created by the Indian government facilitates online access to Indian Oil products and services for qualified users like distributors, commoners, and partners. By knowing about the above-given login and other details, you can get benefit out of this service.

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