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Using Antivirus Software to Prevent Potential Harm to Your Computer

    As ransomware is on the rise, cybersecurity remains a top concern, so it’s vital to look for ways to protect your device and use the Internet safely. To this end, antivirus software is a strong weapon that can prevent spyware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other types of cybercrime. However, choosing antivirus may be a bit challenging – especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Many factors come into play when making the right choice for your computer, such as device compatibility and coverage, functionality, features, and, obviously, cost.

    This blog will explain everything you need to know about antivirus, so keep reading!


    What is antivirus software, and why do you need one?

    As its name suggests, antivirus software is intended to combat a virus, and it either scans existing programs on your computer or new ones that enter your device. The purpose is to look for potential threats; if any malicious viruses are found, the antivirus will delete or quarantine them to prevent them from damaging your system.

    If you’re wondering whether installing an antivirus on your device is truly necessary, the answer is a resounding yes. Think of it this way: the reason why you don’t leave your house open is that you want to keep burglars and intruders away. Well, it’s the same for your system; leaving it unprotected is like inviting viruses into it. Using an antivirus is the solution because it acts like a security guard, preventing malicious intruding viruses. When looking for antivirus software, there are some features to consider, such as:

    • Manual scanning
    • Scheduled scans
    • Quick scans
    • Full scan
    • Automatic updates
    • Firewall

    Antivirus software offers countless advantages

    Once a virus enters your device, it performs malicious actions that will affect the performance of the system in different ways:

    • Slowing down the device
    • Deleting or damaging files
    • Leading to frequent computer crashes
    • Resulting in data loss

    Just as human viruses can cause human diseases, computer viruses can also wreak havoc on devices. That’s where antivirus software can help by providing efficient security. Here’s how installing antivirus can benefit your PC or laptop:

    It ensures protection from viruses

    Obviously, virus prevention is the first advantage you get when installing antivirus on your device. The software works on detecting and eliminating any dangerous intruder. This means that the viruses are countered before they can cause any damage to your system, and many of them may be combated without you even knowing. When it comes to efficient antivirus software, Norton stands out because it provides optimal protection. You can get a package that includes a VPN, a password manager, and backup storage space. With this software on your computer, you won’t have to worry anymore that your system may be hijacked, leading to stolen or lost data. Instead, you can use the Internet safely, knowing you are protected against everyday attacks.

    It provides security against data thieves

    Using malware is one of the tactics hackers use to access victims’ devices. They do so through malicious emails, and you may not even realise that malware has been installed on your computer. If the attack is successful, hackers can use the data as they want, whether deleting it or stealing it to ask for ransom. It’s a scary thought for sure, but the good news is that antivirus software can identify any suspicious activity and keep your data safe through regular scans.

    It prevents threats via firewall

    A firewall is designed to monitor traffic on your computer network, and it is incredibly efficient when used with antivirus. Its purpose is to double-check files and data you transfer and receive to ensure you won’t fall victim to a phishing attack, which aims for your credit card information, login credentials, and other personal data. Such a cyber threat can cause personal leaks and significant financial loss. To avoid these consequences, you should use software like norton security, as the package includes this feature and will remove any files meant to damage your system.

    It blocks ads and limits website access

    Spam websites and pop-up ads are among the most common ways viruses enter computers. However, using antivirus will block these malicious virus-containing ads. At the same time, it will prevent you from accessing unauthorised websites that can expose your device to cyber threats like ransomware, spyware, etc., which can put your data at risk. This helps ensure you only access websites that can’t harm your device.

    It safeguards your password

    If you believe using a password can protect your accounts and data, think again. Hackers can steal your password by installing a virus on your system, and once they do so, they can blackmail you to ask for money or access your personal data through your password and use it for other malicious purposes. That said, you can boost your system’s protection by using a password manager along with an antivirus. Sometimes, a password manager is already included in the antivirus package, and the price may be much more convenient, so make sure to do a bit of research and choose the best option.

    It is cost effective

    Speaking of cost, antivirus software is generally budget-friendly. Antivirus manufacturing companies typically offer convenient monthly or yearly packages. You’ll get many services at a great price, which will be a worthwhile investment in the long run. However, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a premium version, you can also get free antivirus. Just keep in mind that this option offers basic protection against viruses, so it’s always best to opt for paid antivirus software for your peace of mind.

    The bottom line

    Antivirus software is a must nowadays, considering emerging cybersecurity threats. An antivirus will run scans and check for any abnormal activity, thus ensuring your data is kept safe from bad actors. Going with a reputable brand is best when purchasing antivirus software because it will ensure you get a quality product and don't waste your money on something that doesn’t work. Don’t leave your system vulnerable to attacks, as these can damage your system until you may even have to purchase a new computer. Not to mention all the other serious consequences that may follow, including financial ones. Avoid falling prey to a cyber threat by getting antivirus software today.

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