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Forsage. Io - A Decentralized Networking Platform

    If we talk about the world's first decentralized smart platform for contracts is Forsage. Io, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a community at a global level that uses a currency for means of payment known as Ethereum, and there are so many persons in the world who are using this for making money.

    In this whole article, we are going to provide you with all the important information related to this topic which will be very helpful for you all. After reading this article, you may know everything about this, and all your doubts will be clarified so you may continue reading this peace of knowledge.

    ethereum network

    What is Forsage. io?

    Ziaullah Khan is the top leader of Forsage. io. To generate crypto assets, an ethereum network project was built by using a smart contract system known as Forsage. io. It is a project, or we can say a program to be various systems of marketing built by using the technology of blockchain.

    There is a small risk of investments in these types of systems as they are using Ponzi and Pyramid schemes which is a fraudulent investment scheme that promises the investors to bear a small risk. Users are promised to get lots of benefits from this system, and they will earn a good amount of income with this. Mainly in these kinds of systems, the circulation of money is between all the users, or we can say members only. They claimed to provide so much profit to so many of the users from crypto. They don’t have anyone as staff members and in charge or founders on their website.

    Working of Forsage. io

    Forsage. io works based on contracts that are smart by using various Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. Users at the bottom level are required to deposit some amount of funds, or we can say money, and the benefit through this scheme goes more into the hands of the old or top recruits.

    All the transactions and money amount directly go to the personal wallets of the members without any third-party resource or any other hidden commission, as they give a guarantee that rewards belong to the person only.

    Benefits offered by Forsage. io

    • There is a decentralized networking platform where there is transparency, and all the deposits and money amount directly go to the personal wallet of the members.
    • Old and top recruits can earn lots of money, and this will continue till that time when there will be no recruiter left.
    • Minimal initial capital usually could be something that is offered to somebody in these types of frauds.

    Founders or Designers of Forsage. io

    Forsage. io was founded or designed by mainly four people who are Vladimir Okhotnikov, Mikhail Sergeev, Lola Ferrari, and Sergey Maslakov, while some more are also included, like Mike Mooney, Gleb MillIon Olena Oblamska, and others. They all did this decentralized project which is based on smart contracts and networking marketing. Whereas the CEO of this company is David Bass, and they all belong to Russia. The headquarter of this company is in Ukraine.

    Is Forsage. io illegal?

    Forsage. io is an illegal company as it deals in schemes like Ponzi and Pyramid in which individuals will get nothing in return at all, and these types of schemes are completely banned in India and in different other countries such as the USA and many more. There is no need to invest in this type of program, and there is only a one-time registration fee for everyone that is required to pay by everyone to activate your account.

    Is Forsage. io a Safe Platform to Use? is a decentralized application that deals in cryptocurrency, and it is an MLM program; thus, so many people consider it a big scam only, while at the same time, some say that it is a legal platform to earn money. One should do complete research and gather information before investing any amount of money in these types of programs before wasting time and money.

    Why is Banned?

    Forsage. io has been operating as a Ponzi Pyramid scheme for several years, and the main source of earning money from investors through this is by recruiting other people into the scheme. They launched fraudulent pyramid schemes on a big scale, and that is why it is banned in many countries like India and USA, as there is nothing you will get in return for investment in these types of Ponzi and Pyramid schemes.


    This article was all about, and through this article, we have provided you with all the necessary details and information so that you come to know everything about this company. We hope that after reading this article, all your doubts are clarified, and if you have any doubts left, then don’t hesitate to ask so that they will be solved.

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