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What's Next After SAFe POPM Certification?

    One of the most important courses product owners can take SAFe POPM. The SAFe® Product Manager/Product Owner (PM/PO) certification is an excellent way for them to advance their career by learning the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) methodology. However, the question is, what next? What to do after one has acquired SAFe POPM certification? Are there any career opportunities available after that?

    The answer is yes. There are several excellent career path opportunities available after POPM certification, including the following:


    SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) Advanced

    The professionals who have SAFE POPM certification and want to continue on the same career path should go for SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) Advanced. The course provides even deeper and more intricate knowledge and advanced skills for those who may pass the exam. The certificate holders will benefit from these skills by better serving their enterprises and can also expect better salaries.

    SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager or LPM

    SAFe® Lean Portfolio Manager or LPM certification is another excellent choice for professionals who have acquired the POMP certification. The course covers various lean-Agile principles and practices for management at the portfolio level. Portfolio strategy and investment funding, Lean governance and Agile portfolio operations are some of the techniques one can earn in this course.

    SAFe® Program Consultant or SPC

    SAFe® Program Consultant is the next level of certification in the SAFe® framework for those that have acquired the POPM certification. It will help the individual acquire a superior knowledge of the SAFe framework.

    SAFe® Release Train Engineer or RTE

    SAFe® Release Train Engineer or RTE is another excellent option for those who have finished POPM certification. The course is designed for those who might be interested in the execution at program levels. The primary responsibility of someone who has acquired the RTE certification is leading various Agile Release Trains or ARTs. It must be observed here that RTE will require passing an exam and also demonstrating hands-on experience in SAFe®.

    SAFe® Lean-Agile Leaders or LAL

    SAFe® Lean-Agile Leaders or LAL certification is also an excellent choice for POMP certificate holders. The certificate is meant for leaders or those aspiring to be leaders of lean agile organizations. The course covers methods and techniques to manageLean-Agile transformations in organizations. Leadership principles, Agile leadership practices, and the development of high-performing teams are some of the techniques one can learn in this course.

    SAFe® for Government or SGP

    SAFe for Government or SGP certification is an excellent course for those who have acquired POPM certification and are now interested in working in government organizations. Government enterprises have their own unique challenges and require different knowledge and techniques for implementing various Lean-Agile principles and practices. The course shall cover these techniques and principles.

    The bottom line

    This discussion can be wrapped up by concluding that there are several excellent options available for someone who has finished the POPM certification. It is thus an excellent course that opens doors to excellent career opportunities. Having an understanding of this and other POPM certification facts to make an informed choice about whether to take the course.

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