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How A Marketo Email Developer Can Help You Create Perfect Marketo Templates

    Emails have been one of the most hailed online marketing channels across business sizes and industries due to many apparent reasons. The 4200% ROI benchmark and access to your leads/customers’ inboxes have made it the number one channel for SMBs and among the most important ones for the larger organizations.

    Email marketing isn’t just about selling products but it is a way to connect with your ideal audience, develop relationships with them, and educate them about the value that your brand offers.

    Email marketing

    However, marketing automation is required to streamline your email marketing campaigns, scale lead warming and management efforts, and get the desired return. Marketo is one such solution that is fast gaining popularity due to its versatile capabilities. In this article, we’re going to see how a Marketo developer can help you create perfect Marketo email templates that serve your business.

    What Is Marketo

    Marketo is a SaaS-based email marketing software, and it was recently acquired by Adobe for $4.75 billion in 2018. It offers effective lead generation and nurturing functionalities, behavior-driven consumer marketing, and extensive lead management strategies.

    Marketo performs activities like analyzing customer behavior and creating content based on consumer preferences. It also provides in-built polling features with social media integration, scalable profiling, specialized deliverability, hyperlink verification tools.

    It can also be integrated with various ESPs and does not require you to buy dozens of features which is pretty unique in the industry. Some advanced Marketo features include :

    • Account-based marketing and profiling.
    • The AI-based platform that supports shared databases for all accounts to perform integrated sales strategies.
    • Predictive customer base marketing provides the right insight regarding reselling and acquisition.
    • A/B split testing and custom dashboards with insights that go beyond open rates

    Why Do You Need A Marketo Developer

    Marketo developer performs the extensive task of creating an email marketing campaign tailored to a specific audience in Marketo. It can be overwhelming to do it alone when you are just starting out.

    A Marketo developer can suggest improvements in the workflow design as well as guide you on global digital marketing scenarios and enhance the database to meet expected hygiene, enrichment levels, and diversity.

    Here’s exactly how a Marketo developer can help you to create a successful email-marketing campaign.

    • Ideation, basic testing, and development of Marketo email templates.
    • Coordinates the brand’s design language and the UI-UX of the template.
    • Assist in designing and overlooking the built-in Marketo QA email nurture workflow.
    • Ensure design and deliverability best practices for all Marketo email templates.
    • Analyze and generate custom reports with the dashboard.

    Helps in troubleshooting any QA-related issue in the email template.

    What You Should Be Looking For In A Marketo Developer

    Hiring a Marketo developer can be a challenging task because you need to take care of various technicalities associated with working on software against proficiency expectations.

    However, we have gathered a few parameters that will help you to choose a perfect Marketo developer for your business. Both technical and in-person aspects are mentioned down here. You can decide and make alterations according to your requirements:

    #1 Well-Versed In HTML/CSS/ Javascript

    Marketo email templates are raw pieces of web pages coded in HTML/CSS and Javascript. To analyze and edit HTML/CSS and JS codes of emails, landing pages, opt-in forms, and web pages, add or alter tags, make sound edits, and convert them into the desired format, a developer needs to know each and every aspect of the code language for developing decent Marketo email templates.

    #2 Understanding How Integrations Work With Email Templates

    The basic idea behind integrations is to push data from one system to Marketo or from Marketo to another system. The Marketo email developer shall be able to understand how to embed datasets from various third-party apps. Also, in the case of modular templates with dynamic data fields, this skill becomes crucial.

    #3 Visual Interpretation

    We, humans, are visual creatures. Sound knowledge of aesthetics, font, text, color, structure, and format is critical. The visual appearance of the email templates plays a huge role in deciding the customer retention rates for your email marketing campaign. A Marketo developer should be able to interpret client requirements, make changes, and bring desired output.

    #4 Domain Expertise

    This parameter includes domain knowledge and hands-on experience in the field.

    • A maximum of 3 years of experience in the field of Marketing technology/ branding communications/ marketing is essential.
    • Has a track record of successfully handling email marketing automation programs in multiple projects at varying seniority levels.
    • Hands-on experience in using CRMs, digital marketing tools, and IT infrastructures.

    #5 Emotional Intelligence

    This includes the ability to understand other human beings and solve problems with patience. It’s an important aspect to consider because you may have to face a number of uncertainties throughout the project. Working with someone having these skills will help you to effectively navigate through the situation.

    Wrap Up

    Hiring a Marketo developer offers tremendous opportunities to learn as a beginner. It may hit your pocket a little hard, but let’s take it as an investment in your business. Just keep the points discussed above in mind, and you will be able to find the resource to help you create alluring Marketo email templates.

    Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.

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