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The Future of Gaming - Explore the Role of AI in Gaming Industry

    The gaming industry has witnessed several innovations in the past decades. The growth of the game development industry can be attributed to rapid transformations made possible by tech innovations and increasing demand for immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

    Artificial Intelligence has influenced many aspects of mobile game app development making them more responsive and adaptive. From adaptive NPCs to AI chatbots, AI in gaming has been utilised in various domains. AI in the gaming industry has taken over various avenues of game development and is now an integral part of developing and playing games.

    In this article, we will highlight the role of AI in the gaming industry and what the future holds for the technology.

    AI in Gaming Industry

    What are the Use Cases of AI in the Gaming Industry?

    Let’s take a look at how game development companies are utilising AI technology.

    → Adaptive NPCs

    Most games pre-program their Non-playable Characters(NPCs), meaning all their actions are controlled by AI algorithms and can’t be controlled by the player. AI in gaming is used to create intelligent and adaptive NPCs that evolve as the story progresses.

    There are other AI techniques like using Neural networks that adapt to each player and optimize a tailored experience. Moreover, these NPCs can also evolve according to the player’s level to provide a more challenging and realistic gaming experience.

    → Image Enhancements

    AI in gaming is also used to enhance image quality and transform them into photorealistic images. Artificial Intelligence developers use techniques like Deep Learning to enhance the images and transform 3D elements into real-life photos. This technique is used to enhance the graphics quality of video games, which in turn improves the gaming experience.

    → Game Level Generation

    One of the best uses of AI in game development is generating vast worlds within seconds. This is done by utilising a technique called Procedural Content Generation. AI algorithms help in creating game levels, gaming assets, and environments. With the help of AI algorithms, these gaming assets can be developed on a large scale with different art styles to create a vast gaming world in a fraction of time and cost.

    → Pathfinding

    As the name suggests, pathfinding refers to finding a path in gameplay. While doing a quest, a player has to find a path between point A and point B. AI is beneficial in pathfinding as it tracks movements, playing, actions, decisions, and techniques and creates a game world accordingly that simulates a real location.

    → Data Mining

    AI can be used to gather large amounts of data on player behaviour that helps in understanding player behaviour. It helps in finding out how players react to particular situations, which parts are played more, which parts have increased difficulty, and where players stopped the game. All this data helps in creating personalized experiences for players.

    → Streamlining Labour Costs

    One of the most undeniable use cases of AI in gaming industry is automating repetitive tasks and optimizing the entire game development process. It helps in various key aspects of the development process, resulting in increased efficiency and cost reduction.

    The Future of AI in the Gaming Industry

    All the AI techniques used in game development are results of innovation and the future of AI is also dependent on the same. It won’t be surprising if we can combine the potential of Web3 technologies like AI, AR/VR, IoT, Metaverse, and Crypto in the future to create more personalized and engaging experiences. Let’s see what the future holds for AI in the gaming industry.

    → Cloud-based Gaming

    Cloud-based gaming is the next big thing in the gaming industry. Blurring the boundaries of hardware capabilities, cloud gaming allows players to play high-end games even on low-end devices through the Cloud. It frees the system from resource management and there is no need to download and install the game. All you need is a cloud-compatible system and an internet connection to play any game on your device. It’s every gamer’s dream come true.

    → Blockchain-based Gaming

    Blockchain game development is a trending topic in 2023. These games allow gamers to purchase digital collectables like skins, weapons, and avatars using cryptocurrencies. All the transactions are secured as they are stored on the Blockchain. Moreover, blockchain also provides decentralization, meaning gamers have true ownership of their in-game assets.

    → Mobile Gaming

    While mobile gaming has been popular for over a decade, it has revolutionalized with the emergence of AI technologies. Gone are the days when gamers required a hefty desktop or gaming laptop to play high-end games. Now you can play AAA games like Genshin Impact and GTA on your mobile device with ease. Mobile hardware has taken massive strides forward and now has the capability to facilitate high-end gaming.

    → Wearable AR/VR Gaming

    AR and VR are two trending technologies in the gaming industry. Pokemon GO revolutionalized the gaming market when it first came out with AR-based mechanics. In 2023, you can experience much more sophisticated AR/VR gaming with wearable devices. However, this technique isn’t available on mobile devices and requires visiting a gaming arena.

    Best AI Games to Play in 2023

    AI has been used in developing various games on Mobile and PC platforms. Moreover, there is a strong user base for these games. Here are the best AI games to play in 2023-

    1. F.E.A.R
    2. Red Dead Redemption 2
    3. The Last of Us 2
    4. Minecraft
    5. Halo: Combat Evolved
    6. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    7. Grand Theft Auto 5
    8. FIFA

    Final Words

    In conclusion, AI in the gaming industry has been extremely beneficial in various domains. From development to playing to experiences, Artificial Intelligence has been integral in improving the efficiency of various domains. With techniques like PCG, NLP, and adaptive NPCs, Artificial Intelligence can take game development to a never seen level. If you are also interested in developing AI-based games, you can hire a Game Development Company for your project that has prior experience in working with AI technologies.

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