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Using a Third-Party Logistics Provider in Your Business

    To push your business forwards and increase efficiency and effectiveness, you need to utilize a third-party logistics provider. A provider is going to help you improve your supply chain and improve how you manage your inventory. They are going to allow you to see how you can positively streamline your business and operations.

    Logistics Provider

    Why You Need to Reach Out to a Third-Party Provider

    Before shopping around for a provider, you need to establish just why you are reaching out for support and guidance. When you know this, you can then manage your expectations and begin setting targets and goals. For example, are you reaching out to a 3PL because you want to increase efficiency within your business? Or are you looking at outsourcing the supply chain? Perhaps you are looking at how you will manage inventory and inventory management moving forwards. When you know what is driving your decision and your next move, you can push forwards with confidence.

    Useful Info: Reach out to other businesses that you network with. See which providers they have used and why. Recommendations and honest reviews count a lot when you are finding new providers.

    Finding One That Meets Your Needs

    Not all providers are going to meet your needs. You may find that some are targeted are larger sized enterprises. Or you may find that others only work with businesses that have a certain turnover. Establish what your needs are, and find a provider that will fulfill them. Do you need a provider that can guide you through processes? Do you need a provider that will simplify your supply chain? If your business needs are not being fulfilled, you will not build a healthy and sustainable relationship with a provider, and this can end up taking its toll on your supply chain or on business efficiency levels.

    Useful Info: Manage your expectations when establishing your business needs. Try and focus on fulfilling one or two needs at a time.

    Opening a Dialogue and Communicate

    To work successfully with a third-party logistics provider, you are going to need to open up a dialogue. Be clear and concise about what you want, and also talk about timescales as early on as possible. When you can open up this dialogue, you can begin asking questions and getting the answers you need. Through dialogue, you can achieve so much more. You may find that you may be able to cut down on how long your supply chain is. Or you may be able to find that you can work with those local providers and businesses. When you are connecting with a new provider, it can be easy to overlook open communication and dialogue. However, when this happens, you will often find that needs will not be fulfilled.

    Useful Info: Build relationships based on trust. Think about longevity with a provider. Be honest, open, and transparent. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are uncertain about anything that is being offered or provided.

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