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Leetcode – Learn Programming With Leetcode

    Leetcode is one of those platforms which is considered among the best for offering so many interview preparation resources for software developers and engineers and for coding challenges. With the help of this portal, one can have easy access to algorithmic and coding programs; thus, it will be very helpful for the users to improve their problem-solving ability of them by practicing coding here. This platform has become so popular among coding enthusiasts and job seekers as they can use it for coding competitions and technical interviews.


    Overview of Leetcode

    Winston Tang was the one who founded Leetcode in 2011 as an excellent and very helpful platform fulfilling the needs of those programmers who are seeking coding challenges and software engineers and works as a very helpful resource for the preparation of interviews.

    In 2018, its operations were expanded to China, and its main motive is to serve the tech community there, which is growing. From Lightspeed China Partners, this platform has received around ten million in investment, which is working as a supporter for the growth and development of this platform.

    Features of Leetcode

    Both type of access, such as the free one and the other which is premium, is available on the Leetcode portal for the users, and they can choose anyone out of them according to their choices and preferences. If you are using their free access, then they will be providing you access to a limited amount of questions, while if you are using their premium access, then you will be able to have access to more than two thousand users generated and algorithmically questions.

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    All the questions on this platform are divided into different categories, such as easy, average, and difficult. As per the proficiency and expertise of the users, they can select any level. To provide assistance to other users so that they can find the most relevant problems for practice and searchability, one can also tag different questions. You will be ranked on this platform against other submissions as per your solution efficiency and speed of responding to questions.

    There are a variety of programming languages supported by Leetcode, which includes Python, C, Java, and JavaScript. Any language which is preferred by the users, they can practice coding in that particular language and can improve their knowledge. Users can also engage in multiple discussions according to problems, interview processes, and challenges as they facilitate forums so that they can share their experiences with others and can help them the most.

    Practicing Leetcode Style Problems

    practicing Leetcode style problems have so many benefits other than technical learning. Among so many paths of implementation, they force developers to choose one through these types of problems. For learning data structure, algorithms, approaches, and solving problems, they work as a great practice.

    In real life setting, understanding and breaking down the platform is crucial, and here are these types of interviews which begin to shine. It can help any developer in becoming good at their job as these processes can be used in their daily life work. You will also be able to understand all the pros and cons of any of the satiation or solutions by breaking down the problem and learning to communicate them.

    Some Best Alternatives of LeetCode

    • If you are searching for the best alternative, then AlgoExpert be perfect for you as with the help of this, all the programmers can easily prepare for their job interviews.
    • SystemsExpert is also very similar to the first one, but you will work on a series containing programs of ten system designs.
    • Grokking the coding interview is another excellent platform giving competition to Leetcode as here you will be learning about different patterns for questions of coding.
    • Edabit is one of the best platforms like Leetcode, and here they will provide you with more than ten thousand coding problems.

    Wrapping it up

    Problems of Leetcode style have become standard for many if they are practicing for any job interview or job. There are multiple benefits of practicing various problems or questions on this platform which are available in different levels or categories for the users, and they can choose any one up to their preference or choices with which they are comfortable. It is not just learning data structure or algorithms but more than that, as it will help you in improving your skills and enhancing them if you are regularly practicing.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Can we use Leetcode for free?

    Yes, the users can easily use this platform for free as the basic free version of this portal is available for all without giving any money. If you want to use their premium version, then it is also available.

    Can users get jobs with the Leetcode platform?

    It is not a hiring platform. Thus, it will not be hiring you for any job at all, but with this, users can get multiple benefits and advantages which will help them for their job or job interviews.

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