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Poland - Your Ideal Higher Education Destination


    Over the past year, Poland has stood out as one of the best study-abroad destinations for Indian students. Why?

    The reason why a large number of Indian and international students are choosing to study in Poland is the top quality of education that Polish universities offer at a relatively low cost.

    Besides, Poland is home to more than 450 higher education institutions and has over 800 years of history in the higher education system. To add more, better career opportunities, a low cost of living, and a multicultural environment are also some of the reasons that attract students from across the world to study in Poland.

    Education Destination

    However, these are not the only reasons to study in Poland. Below we take a detailed look at the top reasons why Indian students choose to study in Poland for higher education.

    Top Reasons To Study In Poland For Indian Students

    1. Polish Education System

    Poland has a well-developed higher education system. The quality of the education provided to students is monitored and regularly evaluated by dedicated Polish institutions. Some of these institutions are the General Council for Science, the Polish Accreditation Committee, Higher Education, and the Conference of Rectors of the Academic School.

    The degrees offered by Polish universities are highly recognized in the European Union and other countries like USA, Australia, and Canada.

    2. Affordable Tuition Fees

    Another significant advantage of studying in Poland is the low cost of education, compared to other European countries and North America. The average tuition fee ranges between 1000 and 3000 euros per year, where fees rarely increase to more than 3000 euros a year for international students.

    Additionally, there are various scholarships available for international students that lower the financial burden on students' shoulders.

    3. High-Ranked Universities

    Poland is home to a number of institutions that are ranked high in the world’s best universities list. The world-class faculty, exceptional academic programs, and learning opportunities attract most international students to study at Polish universities.

    Universities in Poland are renowned for their accreditation and international recognition that ensures the degree provided is globally recognized to allow students to pursue successful careers anywhere in the world.

    4. Low Living Cost

    The cost of living in Poland is relatively lower when compared to many other European countries. Students can get budget-friendly accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses.

    However, the prices mainly depend on the city, but on average a student's living cost can range from 350 to 550 euros. If you are an explorer and love to travel, then you can get tickets for public transport at a very reasonable price, i.e, 25-30 Euros only for a month.

    5. World-Class Facilities

    Polish university campuses are well-equipped with modern facilities to create a great learning environment for students. Students have access to well-maintained libraries, research centers, advanced laboratories, and many latest resources for their academic growth and exploration.

    Talking about the research facilities, Polish universities have one of the best research facilities where students can perform groundbreaking research and get opportunities to collaborate with leading industry experts to contribute to scientific advancements.

    6. Career Opportunities

    Poland is a great place to live and work. There are plenty of job opportunities available in top companies for international students. Students can stay for up to a year with their temporary residence permit in Poland and can find a plethora of jobs during that period.

    7. English Taught Programs

    Poland offers a wide range of English programs across various disciplines. Whether you are interested in business, science, or arts, there are many Polish universities that offer provide an extensive choice of English-taught programs to international students.

    8. Vibrant Student Life

    Another compelling reason why international students choose to study in Poland is the vibrant student life. From cultural festivals to social events, there are numerous fun activities that students can immerse themselves.

    Students can visit bustling cities to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, parties, music & film festivals, etc., and create lifetime memories with friends.

    9. Great Polish Culture

    Poland is renowned for its outstanding historical and cultural heritage. International students can explore the rich Polish culture and various historical sites, such as Wawel Castle in Kraków, the very first UNESCO heritage site. Other appealing places include Warsaw for plenty of monuments and Wroclam for exploring operas, theaters, and more.

    10. Travel-Friendly Location

    Poland is a paradise for travelers. With well-connected public transport services like buses, trains, and planes, one can easily travel to Poland. Students can not only explore breathtaking landscapes, stunning architecture, and heritage sites in Poland but have access to travel to other European countries to enjoy their mesmerizing places as well.

    Intakes In Poland

    Poland has two main intakes – Winter intake and summer intake. The majority of the courses are mainly open for winter intake, which begins in September/ October and ends in February/ March.

    Whereas limited courses are available for summer intake, which begins in February and ends in July/August.

    Popular Courses To Study In Poland

    • Environmental Science
    • Fashion Designing
    • Pyschology
    • Business Management
    • Medicine
    • Law
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Chemistry
    • Engineering Management
    • Automation and Control
    • Computer Science and Information Technology
    • Advanced Mechancial Engineering
    • Landscape Architecture
    • International Relation
    • Power Engineering
    • Economics
    • Environmental Engineering

    Top Universities To Study In Poland

    • University of Euroregional Economy
    • Opole University of Technology
    • Wroclaw University of environmental and life sciences
    • University College of Enterprise and Administration
    • Częstochowa University of Technology
    • Lublin University of Technology
    • Silesian University of Technology
    • Maria Curie-Skłodowska University


    1. Do Polish Universities teach in English?

    There are many universities in Poland that offers a large selection of Bachelor's and Masters's programs that are taught in English.

    2. What are the requirements to study in Poland?

    The basic eligibility criteria to study in Poland are tabulated below in the table.

    Course Level


    Diploma/Certificate Courses

    Formal education of 10 + 2

    Bachelor’s Courses

    Completion of 10+2 studies from a recognized institution

    Master’s courses

    Undergraduate degree in a related field with the minimum required GPA

    3. What documents are required to apply to Polish universities?

    • The basic documentation requirements to study in Polish universities are:
    • Application Form
    • English Language Proficiency Proof
    • Letter of Recommendation [LOR] and Statement of Purpose (SOP) as per the university conditions
    • Resume/CV
    • Passport photographs
    • Medical Certificate
    • Payment receipt of admission fees

    To Conclude

    Poland emerges as the most sought-after choice for many international students due to its numerous advantages. The country’s rich culture, top-quality education, wide career prospects, and vibrant life make it an attractive destination for students across the world.

    Besides, affordable living costs without comprising on living standards, low tuition fees, diverse campus experiences, and advanced facilities and infrastructure enhance Poland’s appeal for those looking to study abroad on a budget.

    Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Poland will provide you with a globally recognized degree that will open doors to vast opportunities.

    If you are still concerned about something, contact the best Poland education consultant in India to get all your study in Poland-related queries sorted.

    Other than this, if you need help with your admission process or visa applications, reach out to experts with proven records of Poland visa success and deep experience in guiding students through the Poland visa application process.

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