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5 Key Areas Where Your Online Business Could Be Performing Better

    Optimization is the name of the game.

    Running an online business requires ruthless attention to the small details – where are your competitors making savings? Are you still overspending in these areas?

    And where aren’t your competitors spending where they should be? Could you gain a competitive edge by investing in these areas?

    We’re here to identify the critical areas where you could be saving – or spending! – to improve your online business’s performance.

    Performing Better

    Cloud Cost Optimization

    You’ll never make the most of your cloud infrastructure if you’re not working with a provider that offers you proper cost optimization.

    Cloud computing is routinely billed as something you can’t afford not to have. However, it’s also true that you can end up paying a premium for services that don’t really… add much to your business.

    The best cloud optimization solutions don’t just provide you with robust, scalable cloud infrastructure – they help you save money where it matters most. You can save a small fortune over the course of a year by working with a first-class provider.

    That’s money you can devote to your marketing budget, attracting top talent, or your operational costs – or you can simply bank it. It’s good money, and your business needs it.

    Data and Analytics

    Data is another frequently misunderstood element of making an online business work. Collecting data is great – but if you can’t make sense of it, it’s useless. It’s a warehouse full of junk.

    So, do you need to hire an in-house data analyst? Before you start checking whether you’ve got the six-figure budget it requires to hire a permanent data analyst, consider that the best SaaS providers can help you make sense of data as part of a much cheaper service.

    If you can hire an in-house professional, that’s amazing! But very few online businesses can afford to keep a full-time data analyst on board. That’s why working with a top-notch SaaS company that offers data analytics besides numerous other services is your best bet.

    Cloud Security

    How safe does your online business feel?

    A huge volume of small online businesses fall prey to cybercriminals each year. These are often the most attractive targets – very few hackers are interested in pursuing large companies with sophisticated cybersecurity software and an in-house team.

    The real money is in the $10,000-$100,000 range. This covers a massive range of small and medium-sized businesses that can’t afford to lose that money but also can’t afford an in-house cybersecurity team.

    This is why, when you choose a cloud provider, you need to choose one that specializes in cloud security. Upgrading to a more secure provider is a relatively small cost – the price of a ransomware attack has no upper limit and may threaten your company’s survival.

    Cloud Infrastructure Training

    Every one of us has, at some point, bought something that we simply didn’t know how to use.

    This was fine when we were kids, and it was a new phone we were trying to figure out.

    It’s much more of a problem when you’re an online business owner, and you’ve just paid for an attractive-sounding cloud infrastructure package – and you have no idea what it does or how it works.

    The best cloud infrastructure providers won’t just sell you a service – they’ll help you learn how to use it. How to integrate it into your business. How to optimize your performance without wasting time struggling over technical details.

    Pride is the enemy of progress. Invest in great technology, but even more, invest in the people behind it, and who can help you get the best out of it.

    Machine Learning

    Are you using AI?

    This is a thoughtless question for a small business owner. Those who know understand that there’s a critical difference between using machine learning to optimize business processes – and throwing money at the incredibly abstract concept of “AI” just because everyone’s talking about it.

    Don’t throw money away. Don’t buy into hype.

    Buy into results.

    The best SaaS companies will be able to explain how they use machine learning to improve their product’s performance – and, therefore, their clients’ results.

    Don’t believe in anything else.

    Final Thoughts

    Your online business may be doing pretty well. It may not.

    That’s not the question. The question is – can it be doing better?

    There’s always room for optimization. Working with a best-in-class SaaS provider is your path to greater efficiency, lower costs, and better results for your customers.

    Time to get started.

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