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Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. Back Home Activate – Watch YouTube on Smart TV

    In this whole article below, we will discuss activate in detail, and we hope you came to know about many things after reading this article so that you may continue reading this. activate

    The process of activate by using an activation code

    You have to follow some series of steps which are given below for the activation of YouTube by using the activation code:

    • The first step is to locate and launch the app on your device, and the steps to access the app may depend on the device which you are using.
    • After this, open their app, and then you will see options like activate the app or sign in to your account. You have to click on that particular option related to activation, which is usually found in the account section or setting of the app.
    • On the web browser on any other device such as a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other, visit the website for activation, which is again provided by them only, which is something like
    • You will now be asked for the activation code on their website, which will be displayed on your device and without any mistake or space; you have to enter that code carefully.
    • Now follow all the instructions correctly, which are given by their website after entering the activation code, such as creating a new account, signing in to your account or linking your device to your existing account.
    • You will now see a message for confirmation on your device after the activation process, which will indicate that it has been activated successfully. Now you can enjoy personalized content and all the features offered by YouTube. Activate YouTube on Android TV

    If you are someone who wants to watch YouTube on your Android TV, then you may simply go ahead and start watching it after opening YouTube. If the application of YouTube is not installed on your device, then here are some easy series of steps to follow to activate and install YouTube on your Android TV:

    • Your Android TV should be connected to a proper internet connection, which is mandatory.
    • Now install the application by opening Play Store and clicking the download button after searching for it.
    • After installing and launching the app from the leftmost panel, go to the settings option.
    • Now click on the link with the code.
    • In the next window, click on the option showing connection with TV code.
    • You will be directly provided with a twelve-digit code by YouTube.
    • Open the web browser on your smartphone or PC and go to
    • Now click on the continue option after entering the twelve-digit code. Activate on Roku

    • You have to turn on your Roku TV.
    • Now, search for YouTube after visiting the channel store.
    • Now click on the add channels options.
    • Now go to the setting after opening YouTube.
    • Click on the options, such as clicking on the link with the code and clicking on connection with the TV code.
    • Now, a 12-digit code will be provided to you.
    • Now, after this, open the web browser on your personal computer or smartphone and open yt. Be/activate and click on continue after providing them 12 12-digit code.

    Wrapping it up

    This is all about how you can activate YouTube by visiting started on your devices. We hope that this piece of information will be beneficial for you and guide you a lot. If there are any issues left regarding this, then feel free to ask us, and we will try our best to help you.

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    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How long does the code for activation remain valid?

    The activation code validity remains on the YouTube policies and obviously on your device, and they are valid usually for a limited period, which may be some minutes to an hour.

    Can someone use the same code for activation on YouTube for various devices?

    It is not possible for someone to use the same activation code for multiple devices as for every device, a typical and unique code is sent; thus, you have to generate a different code for every device if you want to activate YouTube.

    What to do after the expiry of the activation code?

    You have to generate a new code if your activation code is expired.

    Is it possible for someone to activate YouTube without having a YouTube account?

    It depends on the YouTube policies and the device you are using, as signing in to the account on YouTube is mandatory in most cases so that they can access various features and personalized content. In contrast, some devices allow access, limited to YouTube, without signing in.

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