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5 Best Chatting Apps in India

    Chatting with each other is one of the most common communication methods used by a wide range of people nowadays. With this, they can exchange their thoughts and information and provide knowledge.

    Recently, India banned around 59 mobile applications, of which many messaging apps are available. In this article, we will provide information regarding the best chatting apps in India, which are highly safe and secure. Some are Indian, and some are International messaging apps.

    Chatting Apps

    Indian Messenger App

    It is one of the most popular and best-chatting apps in India among users. It Loopytime Private Limited developed. On the vocal for local campaigns, this app has banked its marketing, and across the country, it is used by more than one lakh thirty thousand users.

    There are multiple features provided by this app, such as its built-in social networking feature with calling and many others like chat requests, stories and global search. Users can share their messages with unlimited people just by using this application. It supports videos, messages, images, voice, and various file formats for seamless interactions.

    Jio Chat

    Jio Telecom Services provides this free online chatting app. Text-based: This application offers text-based chatting and other things like HD video and voice calling. A wide range of regional languages is available in this app for operating so that users can choose any of them per their preference.

    This messaging app allows businesses to interact with customers using a branded channel. Live video calls can also be conducted with this as a video conferencing solution with multiple participants. Without any payment, users can use this application for free; thus, we can say it is one of the best chatting apps in India.

    Namaste Bharat

    It is one of the most popular applications introduced to the public in the messaging apps category. It offers many excellent features, making it the best chatting app in India, such as voicemail, multimedia sharing, messages, group chat, real-time location sharing, etc.

    Across multiple devices, data synchronization is also offered so that users do not lose all of their chats, and it provides unbelievable business features.


    Reaching friends and family could be straightforward with this tool, which Google powers. Up to 150 users can create chat groups; thus, it is used widely for chatting in India. This app offers Multiple facilities such as free audio and video calling in real-time for up to ten people and streamlining contacts to one location. To have good communication without a mobile phone, it is one of the best chatting apps in India.

    Hike Sticker Chat

    It is one of the oldest yet excellent Indian messaging applications, and building a new social future is its main motto. It is the 6th most extensive mobile messaging application in the world. Even in slow networks, this application works well as it was developed with these criteria.

    It is one of those first messenger applications with stickers for communication, making the users' experience more impressive, and a commitment to data safety is the reason for the widespread popularity of this application. To provide the users with the best communication experts, they use subscriptions and microtransactions.

    Wrapping it up

    This article provides the most appropriate information about some of the best chatting apps in India so that users can find the most suitable one for themselves. In this article, we have discussed five of them deeply and thoroughly, and we hope this information will benefit you all.

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