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What is Paytm ka ATM? Know Everything in Details

    Reach across every corner of the country is stretched by India’s largest digital bank so that banking access is brought near you effortlessly. Paytm ka ATM special branded outlets are announced by Paytm payments bank to make everything accessible and simpler.

    In this whole article, we will discuss it and will try to provide you with every information regarding this so that you will come to know about everything in a detailed manner.

    Paytm ka ATM

    Paytm Ka ATM

    Paytm ks ATM Having local banking correspondents are branded outlets that help people by providing basic banking services. Savings account can also be opened in Paytm payments bank, and from this account, users will be able to deposit and withdraw money. From a dedicated banking correspondent, it is more like an ATM service with some additional assistance.

    In some of the selected Indian cities, there are around 3000 outlets of Paytm ka ATM, which were started by Paytm in the very first phase, including Lucknow, Allahabad, Aligarh, Kanpur, Varanasi and Delhi NCR. In the coming years, they will also bring more than one lakh Paytm ks ATM outlets across different parts of India.

    Applying Paytm ka ATM

    If you have an account in Paytm payment bank, then you have a virtual debit card. The very first thing is to open Paytm,. After opening it, go to the Paytm bank and insert the password there, and there you will see your Paytm debit card. There you will see your upgrade to visa and enjoy the super option on which you have to click. Now, you will see an option showing an order debit card after filling in the information; you will see details regarding this,

    The benefit of this is that you can pay internationally or make online payments outside your country. You have to pay around two or three hundred rupees in return for this, and your information will be auto-filled, and your Paytm ka ATM will be applied.

    Registration of Paytm ATM

    For registration, the requirement of the Paytm app on your mobile phone is a must and the other thing is that there should be your account in Paytm Payment Bank. Now, if you are having these things, you will see an option showing the bank on which you have to click. After you have given some of the information and done formalities you will see within some clicks your registration will be done.

    Benefits of Paytm Ka ATM

    Here are some of the main advantages of using it:

    • For helping and providing you with all of the basic banking services there are local banking correspondents available.
    • From your Paytm Payments bank account, one can very easily deposit and withdraw money.
    • With Paytm Payments bank, one can also open a savings account.
    • Within three years, they plan to bring more than one lakh Paytm Ka ATMs across several parts of India.
    • They are India’s largest digital bank providing facilities of zero charges on digital transactions and zero balance accounts.
    • Over the next three years, three thousand crores are committed by the company.
    • Offline distribution network will also be expended.

    Charges of Paytm Ka ATM

    With the use of this card, around three transactions in a month can be done for free and for no amount in return, and after this, if you have done more than fourteen transactions, then now on each one, around rupees twenty-five will be deducted. In a single day, users will be able to perform a transaction of rupees ten to twenty-five thousand. This limit is applied to every bank.


    We hope you came to know about everything related to Paytm ka ATM as we hope covered most of the important topics regarding this, and if you have any doubts left then you may feel free to ask us so that they can be solved.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    On which machine Paytm ka ATM is used?

    On any of the bank ATMs this card can be used.

    What are the charges of a Paytm Ka ATM card?

    Three transactions in a month are given free by them, and after this around twenty-five to thirty rupees are deducted on every transaction.

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