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How to Level Up Your XP in Pokémon Go (Fastest Way)?

    Leveling up your XP in Pokémon Go will help you unlock many things indirectly; gaining XP will increase your level, and in Pokémon Go, certain things get open when you reach a certain level. For that, like using XL Candies, you must be at level 40, Level 2 unlocks buddy Pokémon, and so on.

    Pokémon Go

    In this article, we are going to look at the best methods to increase your XP superfast. These are the 6 proven and effective methods. We going to start with the best methods and go down to the less effective method.

    List of 6 Effective Methods to Increase XP

    1. Friendship Levels - If you ever heard of this, it gives you a lot of XPs in the game by hitting the friendship thresholds with your friends.
    2. Excellent Throws - 1000 XP, whenever you do it. Do you want 1000xp every time you throw a ball even if that’s not an excellent throw? Ok, you need to download the Pokemon Go modded version because it has a feature once you enable it you will get 1000xp every time.
    3. Lucky Eggs - You have to buy Lucky Eggs for 80 coins and it lasts for 30 minutes and double all the XP, for every single action you going to take, you going to double the XP on it.
    4. 2x Evolve XP - 2X Evolve XP Spotlight Hours is an event that happens once a month with specific Pokémon. It would be a good strategy to evolve that Pokémon while the event is on because every evolution will give you 1000XP and it’s a 2X evolve event you will get 2000XP + if you add a lucky egg you will receive 4000XP.
    5. 7 Day Catch Streak - Daily catch is something that you can do easily but if you do a couple of things together then you going to make more XPs, how? Let me tell you, in this you have to catch a Pokémon daily and on the 7th day you will get a massive XP bonus plus try to catch a Pokémon with an excellent throw and on the 7th day activate a lucky egg you will get everything double.
    6. Raid - This is something that everyone cannot do because if you do low-tier raids you won’t get many XPs as compared to high-tier raids. Let me give you XPs ideas that you can get while raiding.

    Tier 1 Raid Boss - 3500XP
    Tier 3 Raid Boss - 5000XP
    Legendary Mega Raid Boss - 10,000XP
    Elite Raid Boss - 12,000XP
    Mega Legendary Raid Boss - 13,000XP

    You can perform this activity any time in the day no specific timing. If you complete all the raids then you can get 20,000XP per day from raids only.


    That’s pretty much for this topic, I have a few recommendations but before making it please let me know your thoughts about it and which method you going to try, I would love to know which method is most effective.

    Now let’s come to some recommendations, make sure you have a bunch of Pokémon’s ready for evolving events, having a friend list full of this never going to hurt bother you and practice for excellent throws.

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