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Reconnect Login 2024 - Guide Step By Step

    An online HRMS portal named Rconnect has been created by one of India's largest companies, Reliance. Various services have been offered to their employees by this fantastic portal, such as downloading salary statements and salary slips. Applying for leave applications, updating personal information, resetting passwords, viewing attendance data, etc.


    This portal also permits two-way communication between employer and employee. This platform has also decreased the effort and time needed to manage administrative tasks and improve the transparency of the company's processes.

    This article will help you to get all the details in a deep and detailed manner.

    Login process of Rconnect Portal

    Logging in to the Reconnect portal is not complicated; you only need to follow some easy steps. If you are using this portal for the very first time, then here is a guide for you for a successful login:

    • Go to the official website of this portal, which is
    • Now, on the screen, a login window will appear.
    • Along with your employee's code, provide your ID and password.
    • Your birth date will be your default password if you are a first-time user.
    • You will be successfully redirected to their portal after clicking the login button.
    • For various security reasons, first-time users are recommended to change their password.
    • A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 characters must be contained in your new password, including upper and lower-class alphabets, symbols, and numbers so that it will help you create a strong password.

    Reconnect Salary Slip Downloading Process

    After visiting the official website of the Reconnect portal, users have to open the login page after the appearance of the home page, and, after successfully logging in, click on the option showing the salary pay slip.

    The month or year is selected by the employees when they wish to receive the salary slip, and after appearing on a new page, click on the download button for the salary slip, and your screen will download your pay stubs.

    Reconnect Login Process for Forgotten Password

    You can easily reset your password or reconnect if you have forgotten it with the use of easy steps which are given below:

    • Visit the official website of their portal and click on the option showing reset or unlock given under the login field.
    • Now, a new page will appear on your screen for a password reset, showing several options such as reset ID, account unlock, password reset, and others.
    • You have to click on the option showing password reset.
    • In front of you, a password reset window will be where you are required to provide some of your data, such as your complete name, date of birth, user ID and soothers
    • You will receive an auto-generated email on the official email ID after all details are entered and a new password is received on your mobile number.

    Downloading Reconnect Mobile App

    After launching the Google Play Store on your smartphone to download the Rconnect app, you have to type its name in the search bar and search for it. After this, within some time, you will see there are several lists of programs appear on the screen. Now you have to click on the option showing install after selecting the very first program, and within some time if the internet connection is proper, the app will be successfully downloaded, and you can further utilize it for your purpose.

    Final Words

    With the help of the Reconnect platform, accountability, transparency, and efficiency have been improved so much that the corporation can communicate with its workers and employees for doing their jobs. This platform can obtain various policy updates, company news, and other information regarding employees and their jobs. The design of this platform is very user-friendly and advanced.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Is Reconnect a genuinely reliable source or not?

    Yes, it is a safe and secure platform and contains all of the precautions essential for protecting your data so that you do not need to worry about your data security and privacy.

    Can you change your Rconnect login password?

    Users can change their login password forever for all reasons, like if they forgot it by using some easy steps requiring time and less effort.

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