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Moving to VPS Hassle-Free - Top Providers with Seamless Migration Assistance

    VPS hosting services are higher in demand for enterprises, and therefore, many businesses are using these web hosting services to meet scalability and others. But if you want to migrate to these VPS hosting servers, there is a requirement for web hosting service providers. Reliable service providers offer cheap Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting services with outcome expectations.

    Moving to VPS Hassle-Free

    Whether you want to migrate to Forex VPS hosting or any other VPS hosting plans, this blog includes the list of top service providers' names. Let’s decode which one is suitable for you which commits a hassle-free migration. Read on!

    When to Migrate on VPS Hosting Servers?

    1. Too Much Traffic On Your Site

    If your website is experiencing a lot of visitors, it is a good thing, but you must be ready to upgrade to another web hosting plan or server. If you are on shared hosting, it is recommended to opt for VPS hosting services. Upgrading to VPS hosting helps prevent your website from slowing down or becoming unavailable. It can negatively impact your users. Also, having a reliable web hosting plan reduces the potential security risks that come with high traffic volumes.

    2. Restricted Security Features

    Shared hosting has a significant security issue. If your website traffic increases, there is a need to implement advanced security measures for data protection. With more visitors coming, more lead generation will happen, which will convert into revenue. And if you have an eCommerce website without an advanced security layer, it may lead to several cyber threats. Also, shared hosting services are more vulnerable to security issues. Thus, upgrading to VPS hosting servers is a great choice.

    3. Site Becomes Slow

    A slow website can cost you money and harm your online reputation. Google also considers site speed when deciding which websites to show in search results. So, faster websites are more visible. When your website is slow, you’re giving your competitors an advantage.

    You can do a few things to speed up your website, but you won't be able to increase performance indefinitely. In the event that your website becomes too popular for your current hosting plan, you may need to upgrade.

    Best VPS Hosting Service Providers 2024

    1. MilesWeb

    MilesWeb is a reliable VPS hosting service with excellent customer support and higher uptime assurance. They offer uptime of 99.95% and 24x7 customer support through email, live chat, and ticket. As far as their migration is concerned, they will not charge a single penny for it. If we talk about the features that are included in it, they have 1 dedicated IP address, a user-friendly cPanel, and full root access.

    Also, MilesWeb incorporates the latest Intel technology that offers more tech advancements to all clients and users. Their unrestricted 1 Gbps network VPS hosting server helps you to stay ahead of the competition.

    Cost: Plans start at $6 per month.

    2. Ultahost

    Managed VPS hosting is available at Ultahost at an affordable price for new users. In addition to free domain transfers and hosting migrations, it also offers error troubleshooting and software updates for a nominal cost.

    A free SSL certificate is included as part of these VPS plans, along with BitNinja protection, dedicated firewalls, and BitNinja protection. To improve server performance, they have multiple data centre locations, a CDN add-on, and advanced caching. They even offer free migration without any hassles. So, beginners do not need technical know-how to proceed.

    Cost: Plans start at $5.50 per month.

    3. BigRock

    BigRock is a renowned VPS hosting service provider whose data centres are located in the US and India. They have limited VPS hosting options and, therefore, do not offer room for scalability. However, they promise ultra-faster performance and other features. Unlike MilesWeb, they have standard SSD storage whereas MilesWeb offers SSD NVMe storage feature.

    BigRock’s additional features are website migration, Apache, MySQL and PHP Configuration, an on-demand local backup solution. They also perform security patches and updates and regular security and disk space audits like MilesWeb.

    Cost: Plans start at $10.05 per month.

    4. Liquid Web

    It is a good idea to choose Liquid Web when you are someone who doesn’t like handling your servers. Therefore, people whose websites have exceeded shared hosting capacity but have not attained the need for a dedicated server should consider Liquid Web’s VPS plans.

    Equally importantly, it should be noted that they are ideal for high-performance or security-demanding websites. To keep the website safe, Liquid Web provides different security features such as DDoS protection and a web application firewall. Nonetheless, these VPS plans are costlier compared to shared hosting plans.

    Cost: Plans start at $20 per month.

    5. RoseHosting

    Managing a VPS can be challenging without complementary features like a GUI or built-in assistant. Consider RoseHosting's fully managed hosting services if you do not want to configure and tweak your server manually. Including hosting transfer, server setup, software installation, and monitoring, the provider handles all the server management tasks.

    Beginners may not afford RoseHosting’s VPS servers as their plans are costlier and with limited hardware specs. Hence, there is no assurance of the quality that MilesWeb delivers.

    Cost: Plans start at $43.99 per month.

    Summing Up

    Convinced that a VPS is the perfect next step for your web hosting needs? Don't let the migration process hold you back! By choosing the right provider, you can experience a seamless transition and get your website up and running on its powerful VPS in no time.

    MilesWeb stands out as a top provider for hassle-free VPS migration. Their expert team offers comprehensive assistance throughout the process, ensuring a smooth transfer of your data and minimal downtime. With their commitment to exceptional customer support, you can rest assured that you'll have the guidance you need every step of the way.

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