Looking for PSD to WordPress Website?

Hey guys,
Are you looking for the conversion of PSD to WordPress theme or template. As we know that WordPress is a best content management system(CMS) and to create a WordPress template based website is very easy.
But there is some confusion when anyone talk about the PSD to WordPress conversion. Here is a good point, that is PSD to WordPress conversion is also very easy process if we keep some things in mind. So lets start that how to convert a PSD theme to a WordPress theme.

First of all there is first action which is "slicing the PSD file".

How to convert PSD to Wordpress website.

Slice PSD with Photoshop:-

If you don't understand that what is PSD?, so first we remove your confusion about the PSD file. PSD is a Photoshop document or anything that can be designed in Photoshop and save in PSD format. Because now we are talking about a Website PSD, then a website PSD is a design of any website that is create in Photoshop and saved in PSD format.
Now we will perform the first action for the conversion of PSD to word-press. Open PSD file with Photoshop and take slice tool for slicing PSD. Slice all images like logo, banner etc that is in PSD. Because we need all of these images when we will design HTML from PSD.

Convert PSD into HTML format:-

After that we will ready our HTML theme according to the design of PSD. Now we will convert the PSD file into HTML by using some front-end languages or we can say that we will develop the responsive user interface of website from PSD by using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery and JS.
If you do not have knowledge about HTML, CSS, Jquery, then you have read it from the w3schools.com. Because we are using bootstrap, our HTML theme will be responsive or we can make it more responsive and beautiful by using media query in CSS file.
When we developed our HTML theme according to the PSD file,we will go ahead.

 Convert HTML theme format into WordPress theme format:- 

So now our HTML theme is ready and the next step is convert it to the format of a WordPress theme. As we know there is complete setup of a word-press theme like there will be header.php, footer.php, sidebar.php pages or you can download a free wordpress theme and see that. So now break the index.php of developed HTML theme into the header.php, footer.php, and sidebar.php. In the header.php, header item of index page like website top menu-bar will come. And footer of the index page will come into the footer.php page. As same as will there sidebar.php in which sidebar of the index page will come. After performed all these steps our HTML WordPress template is ready. Now we will apply the functionality of website to our HTML wordpress template by using WordPress PHP tags.

Add WordPress PHP tags:-

Our static HTML WordPress theme is ready, now we want to make it dynamic so we can do perform operation on it from WordPress admin. Here is link ( http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags ) of wordpress.org website where all WordPress template tags are available, you can go here and can include all WP template tags to the HTML WordPress theme to make it dynamic. For add some extra functionalities  to it you can use WordPress predefined functions provided by WordPress. You can read on wordpress.org website in detailed and apply all type of WordPress tags and functionalities to your HTML WordPress theme.

If you have performed everything is right then now you can easily activate your custom WordPress theme into a WordPress website. This was the process for
conversion PSD file to WordPress template.If you have any query or question you can comment here, we will revert back ASAP.

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