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Buying guide for data tapes and APC UPS – All you need to know

Keeping tailback of the data has been very important as the gathered information is increasing day by day and there are more ways coming up which have raised questions about the data security. There are multiple appliances available in market that ensure better backup powers in many ways.

Buying the perfect data tapes and APC UPS can keep your backup system way better. For that you must have to know that what things you need to have in your mind before buying them. This will help you in getting an enhanced thing. Because keen observation and know-how can save your money and time as well.
First of all, we will talk about data tapes that which things you must know by yourself before buying them.

Guide for Data Tapes and APC UPS

Total capacity and software compatibility

This is of great importance that you know that exactly how much volume is required because if one go for high capacity then he/she will have to buy an expensive unit. Moreover, keep in mind the time period the unit will last with you as the unit that can help you for eight to ten years is better than the one which goes just for a couple of years. Additionally, not every data tape is well-matched with every backup software and you really can cease to change your backup software so, keep this thing in your list to check either it is well-matched with your software package or not.

Using dissimilar types of tapes in a single tapes collection

It is used when you use multiple types of technologies of data tapes. So, you should keep in mind that if you are working in this situation, you must have a tape that can run with other tape types in the library. Moreover, you must know that what is the future plan of the seller as if your needs are estimated to more years than the ones of vendor, you can be required to switch the vendor for if they are gone, you will not have any updated model coming up. So, keep this thing in your list too.

 Supporting generations

With the passage of time, there comes increase in the capability of tapes. It means that the data tape you are going to buy today will be replaced by an improved and more reliable version in coming couple of years. So, it is important to know that exactly how many back generations the tape is supporting. Usually, the support is given for two to three generations.

Now we will talk about APC UPS buying guidelines:

Number of outlets

It is quite important to know that a UPS comes with multiple outlets which means you can plug in many devices with it. So, when going to buy, determine that how many outlets you exactly need your UPS to have. It is better if you buy the one of your need with two more, for it will assist you in future.

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Power Requirement

It is better to know the power of the devices you want to attach with your UPS. If you will attach the devices that require more power than UPS produces, they will go dead. You just need to use a watt-meter to measure the power consumption of your devices.
Along with the power consumption, you also need to know the time span, of the devices you are going to run on UPS. Some UPS buyers only need UPS for a few minutes so that they could save their work and shut down their computers properly while others may want it to run for hours. So, it all deeds upon the requirements. So, while buying a UPS keep this thing hand-on.

 UPS Warranty

A UPS lasts for time as its battery goes. Normally, it goes for couple of years. Batteries falloff over time and the performance gets poor with that passage of time. It is well-known that the battery falls off more quickly when the device is kept on charging and UPS is the one which is always on charging so its battery is only functional for two or three years. So, you can buy a UPS with two to three years of warranty. This shows that how much reliable a product is.

Keep these points in mind while you go for buying data tapes and APC UPS and you will get the best. 

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