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You Can't ignore the role of Off-Page SEO

SEO, A technique which directly related to the optimization of website.  In simple word Search Engine Optimization which means website optimization according to Search Engine. To optimize any website by Search Engine, it is very important that you have two types of SEO information,  in which first one is On-Page SEO and second one is Off-Page SEO. If you want to rank your website in search engine then you will have to read both types of SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. In this article we will talk about the Off-Page SEO in detail. On-Page SEO plays the role inside the web-page while Off-Page SEO plays the role outside the web-page. With the Off-Page SEO we learn those techniques where we promote our website on another platform by creating the back-links of our website. So let’s see the role of Off-Page SEO in website optimization.

How to do Off-Page SEO

Act of Off-Page SEO

When we create our website or blog first time, then no-one does, not know about our blog or website. Only we know about that, that’s why we need it that we do the SEO of our website, so that it can come in search engine and more people know about it and also visit it. You can call it also the promotion of a website. Link building is a main part of Off-Page SEO. Link building in Off-Page SEO plays the role for search Crawler or Google bots, so that they can find our website and crawl it. Link building helps to search crawler to find our website soon. The techniques we use to do both of these work are called Off-Page SEO Techniques.

How to do Link Building

So let’s see that how doing link building. Link building in Off-Page SEO is very simple. Link building means, where we give links to our website on another website post or article. Or you can say that in Off-Page SEO, link building, we list our business website on some other website, so that the users of that website can visit our website through that link which we have given. Link building helps to increase the traffic on our website.

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Way of Off-Page SEO

Now we will see that how to promote our website on other websites in Off-Page SEO. There are various types of sites where we can promote our business website. Some of them are –

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion means the promotion which we do on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus etc. Because most people today use social media and spend most of their time on social media. So it’s a better way that we promote our website on social media sites. On Facebook we can create our business page and promote our business website content there.

How to do SEO of my website

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We can promote our website content through video also you can say that video ads. Because everyone like to watch videos, So there are various sites where we can share our videos. We can present our website through video and share that video on free video sharing websites. In which some website are like – YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc. On YouTube you can also earn money with promoting your content. When we will promote our website video on YouTube, then it will help increase the traffic on our website.

Promotion through Question Answering Websites

There are also various websites where we can ask questions and also give an answer on existing questions. Here we can promote our website through giving the link in the answer so that people can visit our site and read the answer. By answering a question on Question Answering Sites, you have two advantages – first one is, you get a back-link and second one is, Everyone can see the question that you are answering, which is also the answer you have made read. This also promotes the promotion of your website. In which some of famous websites, where we can give answers and also ask questions are – Quora,, Ask etc.

Promotion through Blog Commenting

You can also promote your website through the Blog commenting in Off-Page SEO technique. Blog commenting means you can comment on any blog post and can give the link of your website in your comment, so if users read your comment, then they can  visit to your website.
So guys, this was the some information about Off-page SEO. If you like this then comment here and also if you have any query then please mention in the comment we will revert on that as soon as possible.

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