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What is a Favicon, and how to use it? Importance of Favicon for website

Favicon is the shortcut of a website icon. Have you ever noticed a small icon present on the page when you visit a URL, this small icon is known as a Favicon. It is used as a trademark of the company and can be used to promote a website. It helps customers to visit a website quickly from available bookmark images. It is a graphic image that has been associated with a website. 
It is a kind of visiting card, so make sure the favicon image is the same as the website style. The more the icon has similarity to the website, the better the icon is. The task of this icon is to visualize the task of the webpage. Therefore, make sure the favicon icon is clear and relevant. So, make sure it is pertinent to your website. 
What is a Favicon, and how to use it? Importance of Favicon for website

Why favicon matter?

It matters because it provides improved user experience.  Human tends to attract and recognize a thing by an image sooner than that of the text of URL; therefore, they can find a website quicker. 
They can recognize your website with ease present in the bookmarks. Now your customers don’t have to look at several URLs of the sites in the bookmark to find out the right website, and they can recognize a specific website just by seeing the Favicon image of it present in the bookmarks. In the browsing tab of the browser, you can find the favicon images of popular websites. 
Most of the global companies have recognizable favicon icons making it easier for users to reach these websites. They are unique and easily identifiable. Without any doubt, a favicon icon is a useful tool for all kinds of sites. For a fast visual search of a website, a favicon icon is a good option. It helps companies to target their audience more comfortably and quickly. 
Even by experts of SEO for ecommerce Websites, a favicon icon is used to enhance the ranking of a website quickly. 
A personally identifiable icon is present for all the unique global websites that make it possible for users to understand icons with ease.

These are the things that make it highly essential to have a favicon of your website. It is like an identity of the site that would not only brand your website but as well as get the attention of the people.  

How to add a favicon to your website?

Once you are ready with file, all you have to do is to submit this on the server of the website, which is not a big deal. First of all, you need to get access to text editing tools and root folder on your website. This helps know the HTML code of a website. Have a look at this quick guide that helps in adding a favicon icon to your website. 
You should have a logo created in the 16x16 PNG file for your website and make sure that it is quite relevant to your website. You should take help from a professional graphic designer to get the best icon for your website, which is not just simple but as well as unique at the same time and which is relevant to your business website. Once you are ready with this file, it is easier to add it to the file server. 
Upload a relevant file to the server: Write the browser address bar to your file transfer protocol server. Once done, press the enter button, login and upload the file to the server. This is one of the easiest ways to add a favicon icon to your website. 
A few changes made in the HTML page: Making a few changes in the HTML page helps in uploading the file to the server. 

Favicon checker test

Using the Favicon checker test, check whether the website is using the favicon in the right way so that it can bring lead generation to your site. So, check the website should adequately implement the favicon to deliver the outcomes that we desire. Check if the favicon is appearing in the URL bar or not. This does not only help users to navigate your website faster but as well as helps you to brand your website, so it is essential to check that SEO for ecommerce Websites has implemented it in the right way.

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