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Top Six Trends of Digital Marketing That Will Rule 2023

Top Six Trends of Digital Marketing That Will Rule 2020

2019 had seen tremendous growth in the digital marketing space. The number of internet users keeps skyrocketing, with reports forecasting 3x growth between 2015 and 2023 to reach 6 billion.

Such a massive number of internet users have unlocked phenomenal opportunities for brands and companies to boost online business. This can be done with a smart digital marketing strategies. To do this, you can consult with digital marketing agency in Sydney. And it is essential to stay abreast of the landscape and trends to formulate a winning marketing strategy.

The following are the top six digital marketing trends that will prevail and rule in 2023.

1 – Marketing via interactive content

Top Six Trends of Digital Marketing That Will Rule 2020

Marketers are always looking out ways to make their content engaging and make it alluring for the targeted audience. In recent times, inbound marketing has shown more positive outcomes over outbound marketing. Therefore, it is logical to spend your money and effort on producing quality content in 2023.

In contrast with static content, interactive content compels the user to participate to get results. Some examples of interactive content are – quizzes, polls and surveys, maps, 360-degree videos, calculators, and infographics.

Perhaps its popularity can be underpinned by the fact that 88% of marketers agree that interactive content helps to differentiate their brand from competitors in front of the buyers.

2 – Conversational Marketing

The growing hype about smart speakers, corporate the trend that more and more users now prefers conversational marketing to influence their purchase decisions. Such marketing techniques mirror the element and the essence of human interactions with users and at scale.

This helps to boost relevance with personalized marketing messages. A recent report of 2000 UK adults supports this hypothesis. 60% of the smart speaker owners have used it to make a purchase within the last year.

3 – Influence Marketing 

Influencer marketing has been in the game of digital marketing for a few years now. Earlier, internet celebs with millions of followers used to get paid for marketing and promoting products and services. But now, companies are choosing a micro-influence, which may not have a massive number of followers, but they surely have a niche content that is high-quality and original.

Such micro or medium influences are better able to connect with their audience, and they don't get loaded with sponsorship offers too. It allows them to focus on one brand at a time and promote it effectively.

4 – Voice search for e-tailing 

E-tailing or online commerce is the future market, and with increasing search interaction, many leading companies will employ voice technology to generate revenue and sales. It is evident from the investment made by Amazon in Alexa and Google also launched its Google Home and Google Assistant.

Voice search will act as an innovative tool that allows the direct and efficient customer engagement. It will drive online purchases, payments, and more. Many up and coming AI-powered startups offer intuitive user experience, and voice is the primary enabler in this attempt to improve user engagement and subsequent conversion.

5 – Video ad engagement 

Top Six Trends of Digital Marketing That Will Rule 2020

51% of marketers worldwide recommend video advertising as the type of marketing with the best engagement. Consumer viewing habits have influenced this increased focus on video advertising and advertisers are likely to spend marketing dollars where their customers are spending time.

Video ad engagement is a significant player in generating leads, and it has an excellent conversion rate as well. The ads shown during videos on YouTube and even promotional stories on Instagram have a high impact on the viewers. You can create short and catchy advertisements that will attract the user to your brand and motivate them to buy your product/service.

6 – Shippable posts across social media

Earlier, marketers were finding ways to direct social media traffic to the website of the company. But now, they no longer have to struggle to offer their products to customers for purchasing. Social commerce means purchasing products directly through social media posts or ads.

It's a win-win situation for you, because people who don't buy it directly through the post are likely going to search for your product. It will ultimately lead them to your website and converting it into a sale.

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In a nutshell

2023 is going to witness some of the most innovative digital marketing trends yet. You can use new social platforms and social media influencers for marketing. The voice search and artificial intelligence tools can be employed at targeting the customers effectively. And these trends mentioned above will dominate the year. You can use these marketing techniques for your business and reap its benefits in 2023 and beyond.

Jamie Barton is the author of this article. To know more information about video advertising please visit the website.

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