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Video Marketing: What It Is and How It Works

Video Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses videos to plan and produce content to ask your target audience and which lead people in the funnel acquisition of users, contacts, customers and loyal customers.
Depending on the goal and the people you need to achieve, the type of video content you need to produce will also change.

What is Video Marketing and how it is works

Why do Video Marketing

Researches tell and confirm it. Videos are loved by users. That's why they must also be loved by brands. These are immediate contents, which conveys the messages of companies with incisiveness. The videos have 3 objectives:

·         They entertain and keep their attention alive;
·         They inspire and identify;
·         They educate and inform.

Video Marketing takes advantage of the ability of videos to remain etched in people's minds. And do you know what this translates to? In:

·         An increase in brand recognition and brand awareness;
·         Improvement and consolidation of the brand reputation;
·         Improvement of the positioning of contents and / or website on search engines;
·         Increase in finding qualified leads;
·         Positive effect on conversions;
·         Improvement of customer loyalty;
·         Increase in company turnover.

And there is also one more reason why it is important to use Video Marketing. Videos are content that we share easily, quickly and frequently with our friends and/or with our community.

PRO TIP: Utilizing video editing software in video marketing enhances professionalism, creativity, brand consistency, storytelling, and optimization, contributing to more effective and engaging marketing campaigns. With its features like Audio to Text, AI Avatar, and MP3 Converter can further enrich your content creation process, providing innovative ways to integrate audio elements and enhance the overall viewer experience.

How to do Video Marketing

To do Video Marketing effectively you must start from a the strategic plan that takes into account who you are, who the people you are targeting, the platform you use. Starting from the data and information you collect, you can decide:

·         The type of video content to be created;
·         At what stage of the funnel you have to place them and, therefore, what goal    each video must achieve;
·         When to post them;
·         How to convey them.

Keep in mind that the video content you make must speak about the brand consistently, communicating and reinforcing the identity and the personality of the company. This means that they must speak with the tone of voice and the language of the brand, with its colors, its fonts, its logo, with its vision and its way of interacting.

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At the same time, the video content must adapt to the platform on which it is published. Posting a video on Instagram is not like posting it on Facebook. And YouTube also has its specific characteristics.

Adjust the video to the platform

Instagram prefers short content - keep in mind that you have a limited time of 90 seconds - and square formats for the feed, while vertical for the Stories. In turn, the Stories have different communication characteristics and languages ​​than the video content to post in the feed. IGTV, on the other hand, prefers more in-depth content.
The video on Facebook is increasingly loved and enjoyed by users. Favorites in the vertical format can be both entertainment content and in-depth content.
Also, keep in mind that videos on Facebook are often enjoyed without audio, for this reason, it is essential not only to provide a captivating title but also to insert subtitles that clearly, explicitly and quickly convey the content in written form.
YouTube, on the other hand, is the social king of videos and requires greater skills, commitment, and resources to produce videos that - to work on this platform - must be of quality. An editorial plan dedicated to YouTube must include in-depth and well-designed content.
In the planning phase of your Video Marketing strategy, therefore, you must also decide which platforms to use and how much budget to devote to the film production of video content for each of these depending on the the importance it has in your marketing plan.

Video Marketing: the Hero, Hub, Hygiene model

Just YouTube suggests 3 types of content that you must foresee in your Video Marketing strategy depending on the people you are targeting and, therefore, on the funnel phase in which they are located. This is the Hero, Hub, Hygiene model, which can be used in any Content Marketing strategy.
Imagine organizing your Video Marketing strategy in 3 steps positioned on a pyramid. And then imagine having to associate your video content each to a different phase:

·         Hero;
·         Hub;
·         Hygiene.

I'll explain the characteristics of the 3 steps better!

Hygiene video

The base of the pyramid is represented by Hygiene video content. Here your goal is to produce target-oriented, detailed content, posted in order to educate people, offering useful tips and valuable information.
They must answer specific user questions - which you can trace with specific analyzes - and they must do so in a clear, direct, understandable way. In this phase, the contents must teach people and must make them think in the way you think useful and advantageous.
For them and for you. In this way, you will attract people to you and cultivate their interest, at the same time, educating them and establishing yourself as an expert in the sector.

Hub videos

They are emotional videos, designed to consolidate the Brand Reputation, offering a fixed appointment to people, involving and affecting them. Video hubs leverage brand values ​​and tell inspiring stories, narratives in which people can identify and recognize themselves.
Or it is a vlog, in-depth information content around specific and valuable user questions. In this phase, Video Marketing aims to work on brand reputation, positioning you as an expert on the sector around topics that are of particular interest to you and your audience.

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Hero videos

We have now reached the top of the pyramid. Now Hero videos are aimed at working on Brand Awareness. These are content focused on corporate storytelling and the emotional involvement of the target audience.
They are exclusive videos, pills of the Video Marketing communication plan that you can and must savor, creating a sense of exclusivity of the content and the event. Such can be, for example, videos made on special occasions, for specific and important events, when certain recurrences occur.
Hero videos are used to focus attention on the brand, to excite and become attached and to activate viral sharing mechanisms.

Video Marketing: the conclusions

Do you still believe that a good video camera, a tripod is enough and you're done?
Knowing how to do Video Marketing effectively and capable of bringing home certain business objectives, means being able to rely on a strategic plan, specific skills, important budgets and ad hoc resources.

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