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The Best Smart Home Technology Devices for 2021

It is a wonderful world we live in. Fifty years ago no one could imagine that in the near future people will be able to talk, give commands to and use technology as part of their basic to most complex routines. Yet, this is the reality today. Our whole world is smart. We use smartphones, smart devices and smart gadgets that facilitate our lifestyle. Our homes have become better, safer and easier to maintain thanks to this unbelievable technology. Today, you can say with 100% certainty that you are in control of everything related to your home. Why? Because we have at disposal the greatest smart home devices so far. Here is the list of 2021 top devices.

The Best Smart Home Technology Devices for 2020

1.  Amazon Echo Family

Wherever you look on the net and search for the most useful smart device from the latest generation of tech products you will come across the Amazon Echo Family without a doubt. This is completely justified, as this device has changed lives for the better to a great extent. It is a Bluetooth speaker that is powered by Alexa which is the very popular handy voice assistant of Amazon. By connecting it, the Echo Dot will increase Alexa’s functionality and you will be able to control every smart gadget in your house with it. You can also play music, check security cameras, smart locks and switch on and off light bulbs. It is easy to use, functional and everything you need when you don't feel like getting off the bed.

2.  Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug

How do you feel about turning non-connected home appliances into smart home devices? Well, you probably need a Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug. It is not expensive at all (about $18) and yet it offers a quite impressive range of features. For example, with it, you can do voice control, flexible scheduling and do power usage reports on appliances that are not smart. It is a smart way of turning smart, isn’t it?

3.  Virtual Furniture Staging Program

Another extremely useful technique you can use to facilitate your way of living is by using a virtual furniture staging program. It is not a device, but software which transforms digital photos of empty rooms into fully furnished rooms in a previously chosen interior design and decorative elements. It is often used by real estate agents to show the potential of the homes they are selling, but it can be a completely useful tool for everyone who wants to see how their home will look like in case they redecorated the rooms. Also, some agencies finish this as a service if you are not very good with your editing skills. Whichever way you decide using this program, it will give you excellent results in planning the designing process of the interior and exterior of your home.

4.  Ring Video Doorbell 2

This little wonder is a highly powerful device that uses a crystal clear HD video camera of 1080 px to show you who is ringing at your door regardless of the time of the day. It also sends doorbell alerts via the mobile Ring app compatible both for or Android mobile device. It can be recharged very easily by taking out the batteries without detaching it from its position. Also, it is water-resistant, so it can work in extreme weather conditions. All in all, it is like having a pair of eyes outside the door at all times.

5.  Ecobee Smart Thermostat and Cooling

This smart device has several advantages. It has advanced Alexa functionality, it has a remote room sensor, a dual-band Wi-Fi, lots of third-party integrations and it is very easy to instal. It is a bit pricey, though - around $245, but it is still a favourite choice of many people who want to easily regulate the temperature in their homes.

A Few Final Words

Many, many more devices have proven their functionality on the market. These five on the list are chosen because of their advantages over the other, which range on the scale of convenience to great usability. Having them in your home will certainly improve the way of living, however, basic knowledge of how they work must be acquired. So, if the elderly generation wants to use them, they should be shown how in order to avoid any misfortunate events.

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