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5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Avoid

 It is important to know that today the advertising solutions provided by Facebook have become so much popular. Around 2.5 billion people are using Facebook today. It is based on paid media and has been used by 93 % of people doing social marketing.

Is the platform correctly used by all those people? The answer is no.

5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Avoid

There is a continuous change in Facebook advertising.

If no conversion is achieved through Facebook ad campaigns by spending a huge amount of money, then what will you do? This will be considered as if you have wasted the advertising budget.

Some people believe that it will not be good for them to use the ads campaign of Facebook and the percentage of such people is 62 %. These are basically the people who are doing small trades.

Now I will describe about 5 most common Facebook ad mistakes that you should avoid.

1. If your objectives are not clear – 

You should have a measurable objective, only then your marketing campaign can be successful. A right strategy can be developed if the objectives are clear.

The objectives of the Facebook ads can be:

      Are you interested in increasing the website’s traffic?

      Do you want your landing page’s conversions to increase?

      Selling a particular product by doing a one-off promotion.

The desired results can be obtained if the campaign is started after identifying the objectives.

Various ways of developing the goals and objectives of a business

    Goals must be defined by you – Those goals should be set by you which are achievable. The objectives must be defined after doing negotiation with stakeholders.

    An action plan must be created – You may be setting the goals but making a strategy or action plan should also be done with it. For achieving the objectives, the complete process must be defined by you.

    KPIs must be set by you – For maximizing the return after optimizing the campaign it is necessary to set key performance indicators.

2. If the targeting of the audience is poor –

Every minute around 293000 statuses, 136000 uploads of photos and 510000 comments are made by users of Facebook. On Facebook a lot of business pages have been made and these are more than 50 million.

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If you want your customers to see your content then you will find that there is a lot of competition as the social media site has gained so much popularity. Your competition is not only with the people involved in marketing but also with your family and friends.

As the content is huge you may lose your ads in it if the audience is not properly targeted by you. So, it is necessary that an interactive and engaging content is created by you.

3. If the ad type used on Facebook is wrong – 

There are various ad formats available on Facebook and you can select anyone of these. If the right one is picked by your audience or not? You should be aware of that.

Ad types that are most popular are:





Your ads can be placed by making the use of one of the following ways:

      Right-hand sidebar



For placing the ad, the best ad type should be selected by you. Only then your ad campaign can be successful. Like the conversion rates are very high for desktop ads. But these require a lot of money and also the competition here is very high.

4. If your ads are abandoned by you – 

Abandoning the newly created Facebook ads is a very big mistake that is done by a lot of marketers. Your ad’s performance should be analyzed every day.

Whether the objectives of your campaign are being achieved or not? All this depends if your ads are monitored daily.

It will be better to look at several things when your ad progress is going to be checked by you:

      Clicks by interest

      Ad performance on the basis of placement

      Number of generated leads

      Conversion rate

      Click-through rate

      Frequency of ad

5. If the ads are used for selling your products only – 

If only for selling the services and products, Facebook ads are used by you then it is a very big mistake. It looks as if you are continuously putting the items in front of the user. The user will not like it.

If you want to connect with your viewers then it is necessary that the ad is telling a story. With this the leads can be easily generated by you. A lot of conversions are also possible.

If you want to increase your ROI and sales by getting PPC management services then it will be a good idea to get the help of a PPC company.

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