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Useful Tips to Maintain Your Windows 10 PC


Useful Tips to Maintain Your Windows 10 PC

Every Windows user knows how essential it is to keep the Windows healthy and comfortable. After all, who wants that abrupt glitch during an important operation and why would anyone even bury the head into such a mess when there are plenty of methods to keep from a disturbing performance of the Windows system? To cut short on the maze here is an article for you to find the useful ways that take care of your Windows 10 PC and ensures faster and safer performance.

Tips to Optimize Your Windows 10 for Better & Faster Performance

While looking for the reasons that hide behind the cluttered functionality of Windows, users often end up realizing that they have been the tiniest ones all this time. Be it a stock of useless files or the apps that you don’t use anymore and sometimes, it is just a pending update resulting in a slower process of Windows.

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Here is the list of some basic and important tips to rid your Windows of any disturbance and to boost the process in one go:

1. Update Your Windows

Generally, when it comes to taking care of the Windows system, keeping tabs on all the updates must be a go-to for the users. Usually, Windows OS itself watches over all the updates to be performed and then downloads and installs them automatically. It leads the updates from time to time and results in an updated system which means better and improved functionality.

But there is always an option for you to head to the updates and perform it manually. All you have to do is search for the Windows update in the Start menu and select it. It will help you detect all the updates to be done and display them in a separate window, allowing you to start the update.

2. Update Device Drivers

It is not a surprise that keeping the drivers in your system up to date is a healthy way to keep your Windows’ condition fine. There are usually two methods to update a driver- either you can seek Device Manager or you can simply go to the official website of your hardware device to get its latest driver update.

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However, this process takes a good amount of your time which you may want to get an alternative for. The best alternative to these two methods is to use a free driver updater which can help you update the drivers in your system quickly without consuming much of your time.

3. Remove Unnecessary Files and Programs

If you are a Windows user, you must be acquainted with the piles of unnecessary data and the complications that follow from time to time. OS starts building up the clutter over time which later leads the complicated functionality and slows the smooth operations down.

While you cannot stop the system from heading into this completely, performing the occasional clean-up on old and useless data including documents, cache, cookies, malware and the programs that serve no purpose to you anymore makes quite a method to keep your Windows safe and sound.

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There are plenty of tools out there to help you clear the unwanted data from your system. To free up space in your Windows is to allow the performance of your PC to be faster and more comfortable than before.

4. Control Start-up Programs

Another simple and useful way to maintain your Windows 10 system is to manage the programs that begin to show up when your Windows starts or boots. You should simply restrict the number of start-up programs, starting with the ones that you hardly use. Only keep the essential ones, if there are any, to run when you start your Windows. The most preferred way is to use these programs manually.

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5. Perform Maintenance Scans

In order to keep the Windows 10 maintained, you must ensure that there is not any issue lingering inside it which you have missed. Performing regular scans on Windows can help you detect the issues that might hinder your system’s performance. You can take up any antivirus to give a scan to Windows and remove the viruses that can cause the operations to slow down.

6. Keep Tabs on the Settings

Windows 10 is always up for regular updates that are ever-changing. With a lot of attractive interface views and immersive features that become more useful than the last ones, the updates hold a lot to offer. However, these changes land their feet on the settings and operations of your Windows and complicate the ways that you use the system.

A new update sometimes brings you the complicated options that change the way your PC used to work. To take care of this, you should always head to the settings and explore what’s new over there. You should make sure that the settings are set up just the way you want to keep the functionality stress –free.

Keep Your Windows 10 Computer Healthy with These Simple Ways

While on a hunt for the best and effective ways to take care of your Windows 10 PC, you may prefer to put your hands-on several apps and programs such as disk analyzer tools, duplicate photo remover tools, driver updaters that bring the life back into your old computer.

Despite that, you should always keep the small fixes in your mind while trying to improve the overall performance and functionality of your laptop or desktop PC. Hopefully, this list will prove to be of use to you. Shoot any such go-to tricks of yours and if any tip from this list has helped you in the comment section.

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