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Is React Native Better than Xamarin for Mobile App Development?

React Native and Xamarin are the two frontrunners in the mobile application development industry. Is React Native, used by a React Native development company, better than Xamarin for the development of mobile apps?

Read on to find it out.

React Native Better than Xamarin

React Native vs. Xamarin - Which one is a better choice?

iPhone's App Store and Android's Google Play Store may be different on numerous counts. But they show a similar trend in terms of uploading new mobile applications across different categories. 

Though they represent two distinct platforms, both are popular for uploading new and trending mobile applications from time to time.

When it comes to the choice of platform for the development of mobile applications, both Xamarin and React Native have left others far behind in the race. Over the years, these two top names have cemented their positions in the mobile application development industry.

Using these platforms not only saves time but also effort. Xamarin has its share of advantages and disadvantages and the same holds true for React Native.

Read on to find out more about the positive as well as the negative sides of employing these platforms for the development of mobile applications.


React Native is more commonly available in comparison to Xamarin as the former is an open-source framework. The best part about it is that you get the full and the best version of React Native without spending an additional amount of money.

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On the other hand, Xamarin’s free version consists of only a few features. The majority of the useful features that you would need for the development of applications are present in the enterprise version which comes at a price.

Therefore React Native is a better option between the two choices on this front.


React Native enables programmers and app developers to do their coding in Javascript which is a preferred language. It facilitates application developers to merge the components of both iOS and Android platforms in a single application.

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Moreover, it has a shorter learning curve due to which it helps beginners to start working on the development of mobile applications.

On the other hand, writing codes using Xamarin involves the use of c#+ .Net Framework. As a result, developers get to use the codes for about 96% of applications for both iOS and Android once again.

Thus, both are equally good; as such, there is a tie between both.

Market share and dominance

Speaking of the market share and dominance of React Native many renowned companies have embraced it. It includes some of the prominent names from Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, UberEats, Skype, Tesla, and Facebook.

This speaks volumes for the market share and dominance of React Native.

On the other hand, some major companies such as Cognizant, JetBlue, and Honeywell use Xamarin. Also, there are some other major names such as Slack.

Thus, you can say that both React Native and Xamarin are at par with one another in terms of market share and dominance.


The compilation for React Native which is JIT is useful for the development of the Android App. However, it does not favor the development of iOS applications.

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On the other hand, Xamarin supports C# which is useful for JIT compilation as well as AOT compilation for the development of both Android and iOS applications respectively.

Thus, you can say that Xamarin favors compilation for the development of both Android and iOS apps. On the flip side, the compilation that corresponds to React Native is only compatible with Android applications. Also, AOT is faster than JIT.

On this front, Xamarin is a step ahead of React Native.

Ready-to-use components

React Native possesses a wide range of tools that favor the development of readymade components with elaborate documentation. 

It offers a solution to all kinds of needs that you can relate to the development of applications: user interface, networking forms, and type checking.

In contrast, the components of Xamarin belong to both NuGet and component stores. Its documentation is not as organized as that of React Native.

Thus, React Native wins the race on this front against Xamarin.

Development environment - React Native vs. Xamarin

While ReactNative is flexible due to its ability to accommodate IDE/text editor, Xamarin offers a powerful performance due to its ability to allow developers in writing codes for iPhone applications on Windows and compile the codes for Mac Operating System.

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Developers do not need to reload an application after making any modification or change to it which is a positive point about using React Native. On the other hand, the availability of Visual Studio simplifies the task of application development.

Thus, you can say that both the platforms are equally good on this front which makes it a tie.

Community support - React Native vs. Xamarin

Though the community support for React Native is good, it is much lesser in comparison to Xamarin. 

The community support for the latter consists of QA sites, Stack Overflow, and forums. As a result, you are more likely to get more support and have your questions about Xamarin answered more readily in comparison to that of React Native.

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This makes Xamarin the winner on this front.


While both React Native and Xamarin are good in their own ways, the latter has an edge over the former as it has more positive features for users. With that being said, a mobile application development company should make a choice between the two options based on the availability of resources and manpower. 

Author Bio:

James Grills is currently associated with Cumulations Technologies, a Web Application development company. He is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IOT technology.

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