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Complete Guide to Migrate Yahoo business mails to Gmail

Looking for a complete solution to export your emails from Yahoo to Gmail? You are at the right place. In this post, I will discuss How you can successfully Migrate Yahoo business mails to Gmail or any other email that you want.

Complete Guide to Migrate Yahoo business mails to Gmail

As we know in the business- contacts of both customers and other people are the most important asset. If this important information is lost, then it could lead to a financial loss as well. That is why it has become more important to sync your Yahoo emails to Gmail so that even if one email client crashes another one will still be working. This is like having a backup of your important emails.

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Shifting to Gmail has also become the most viable option as it will provide you with additional functionality like the easy sign in to many websites and use tools like google analytics search console and google docs in a hassle freeway. Now let’s look at the Syncing process from Yahoo to Gmail.

How to Sync Yahoo mails to Gmail?

You can sync your Yahoo mail to Gmail in these steps:-

  • Log into your Yahoo account.
  • Click on the tools icon and then click on mails options from the menu.
  • Go to the POP option to enable the forwarding of emails.
  • Now you will see a button” forward Yahoo mail to another email address.and type your Gmail id in the box and click on save.
  • Confirm your Gmail address and follow the instruction sent on you Gmail id to successfully sync it.

When you will sync both email clients you will start getting Yahoo emails to Gmail. But as this can also be frustrating to keep getting some emails that are of no use to your Gmail ID. So there is also a functionality to Migrate any type of Yahoo emails to Gmail.

Methods to Migrate Yahoo business mails to Gmail

Enabling the Import option
There is a functionality provided by Gmail to import emails from the email client.
To do this method

  • Go to your Gmail account and Sign in with your email and password.

  • Go to settings and click on the accounts and import tab at the top.
  • Now choose import mail and contacts. Now you will have to sign in to other email accounts i.e Yahoo.
  • Enter the Yahoo credential i.e email and password.
  • You will be prompted to authorize our  Yahoo contacts and mails. Click agree.
  • Now you can start importing mails, contacts, or to receive emails for the next 30 days from Yahoo. After making the selection, wait for some time after starting the import as the process is long. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the importing as it will be done but it can only import the INBOX and other important files will be left out in the process. 

Using a Yahoo professional tool 
You will be able to back up every bit of information moreover you will also don’t have to worry about the migration of other folders apart from the inbox and various other tasks.

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This Yahoo Backup Tool will provide the functionality of not only migrating ad conversion in Gmail but to other email clients as well like Opera, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. So this is a total time-saving option. Moreover, it will not be much complex to use a tool as compared to any method.

Features of the tool:-

  • Migrates and backup every item including calendars and tasks.
  • It can migrate into any format like PST,PDF, EML,MSG, MBOX, DOCX,JPEG,TXT etc. So you will have a choice to backup in many formats if you want.
  • Date range filter to choose a few emails on the basis of the date among the thousand emails.
  • Ability to set a specific path and resultant file name to the backup files so that they can be easily accessed.
  • You can have every information about the backup which you have done in past through inbuilt Log file generation.


You can use the above tried and tested methods and Migrate Yahoo business mails to Gmail efficiently. But keep in mind that this process should be a complete backup and not only some folders or files. A task half done would not benefit anyone also make sure you have a time balance in the process. It would be good to sync your emails as well but it will not benefit that much as it will create 2 copies of each email. In the future, if you want to reduce storage size it will take more time for you to make a decision. By using the tools you will already make this decision at the start of the process.

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