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Best Backlinks Checker Tools for Small Business

The small business is the first footstep to making history. Every business giant is starting their career with small businesses. In 2021 the small business growth rate will almost score the highest level relative to the previous years. The web system and internet system are helping every business enthusiast to make their dream real.

The websites and the different analytical tools are the best gifts of the technical field. The Best Website Builders are also here to build a perfect robust website to make your business grow. If you are the owner of a small business, then these tools are almost unavoidable parts of your business growth.

Best Backlinks Checker Tools for Small Business

The backlink checking is the basic steps of doing the business more smartly. The competitor’s activity is no more challenging work. It is easier and faster with the help of the perfect SEO based tools.

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You can figure out the compatible websites that are creating their backlinks to your competitors. The backlinks are the most focusing factors when the search engine is analyzing the quality of the page.

4 Best Backlink Checker Tools for Small Businesses

The backlink checking is the foremost essential part when you are doing any small level business. The backlinks are checking, and the best websites are helping any small business to grow in a faster manner.

You can view the Best Website Builders sites, which helps build a perfect running website for your viewers and the customers.

Here is the list of four popular backlink checker tools.

1-Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the best backlink checkers for running small businesses. A small business is about building a successful system that can do perfect competitive analysis along with backlink checking. The Moz Pro is the perfect backlink checker for the beginner.

The whole analysis of the competitor’s URL analysis is giving you a vision of further business developments.

How to Check the Backlinks?

Step 1: Click on the link explorer, then open the link explorer.

Step 2: The Link explorer will help you to navigate the competitor’s URL analysis. Copy-paste the URL of the websites you want to check.

Step 3: Then open the inbound link tab, and it will immediately show all the page links which are linked to your competitor’s websites.

Step 4: Then export the backlink data into .csv and then save the result.

Step 5: Last, compile all the results in a single spreadsheet.

Step6: Then start your work by giving good reviews of the recorded pages.


SEMrush is the new backlink checker tool that will help you to increase the organic traffic on your pages. With the backlink checking, the other technical SEO based audits are done with complete proficiency.

Now in 2021, almost 50 % of the small business owners and the big companies are using the SEMrush to analyze the backlinks and improve the marketing strategies.

How to Check the Backlinks?

Step 1: Open the backlink analytics page.

Step 2: Then copy-paste the URL address of the competitor’s page in the black search bar.

Step 3: Then click on the backlinks tabs and go deeper into the backlink checking list.

Step 4: When you are clicking on the backlink checking list, all website’s addresses will be published, which are linked with your URL domains.

Step 5: After that, you can check your anchor text adaptability while analyzing the anchor text from the anchor tabs.

Step 6: After getting the website’s address, you can start with page visiting and giving positive reviews.


In 2021 this backlink checker is counted as the most powerful backlink link checker tool. This is the second crying site after Google.7.7 billion pages were crawled each day. Ahrefs have two facilities, one is paid, and another one is a free trial. You can choose any one of them.

Even from Ahrefs, the referring domain names are also in the pictures. This is a completely professional backlink checker tool.

How to Check the Backlinks?

Step 1: Enter the page of the site explorer. On the page of site explore, you have to give the domain name of the required page.

Step 2: Then fix the prefix mode on the page.

Step 3: Then choose the site explorer option.

Step 4: From the site explore option. You have to choose the domain name of the sites.

Step 5: When you give the domain name of the sites, you will get the desired results, including the referring site’s details.

Step 6: The UR and DR results are also visible on the page.

4-Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is not only showing the result of the webpages. Other than that, they show the value of the link with the achieved rankings. You can monitor the page’s visibility flow to help you edit your content more effectively.

Each metric score helps the users analyze the competitor’s tactics and the citation flow of the domains, showing the quantity of the links.

How to Check the Backlinks?

Step 1: First enter the majestic site and then choose the domain and the subdomain name.

Step 2: Majestics is the best analytical tool for small business owners as it works from local geographical addresses.

Step 3: If you give the geographical location’s name, the process will also work.

Step 4: The websites’ immediate result is giving you an instant result with the connected backlinks addresses.

Step 5: You can first search the website’s name with the location wise.

Step 6: After finding the connected sites start freshly with the post, the reviews, and the comments on the sites.


The backlinks are the primary parameter to analyze the quality of the page, so checking the backlinks is always a primary targeting point for developing the perfect SEO structure. The backlinks checker tools are the basic tools that are helping SEO to work in a more efficient manner. These all tools are best performance-wise other than these you will get multiple choice of best website builders’ sites which also helps build your business websites.

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