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Common WordPress errors and their best solutions to fix it

WordPress is a website developer and management software that helps us create websites and manages our websites,  and has many functions like the plugin that can help to work with your website and for adding new content to your website. While creating and managing websites there can be many errors either minor and huge which can be harmful to our website and can expose your data and cause a great loss. Here you will learn in detail what are the errors that happen in WordPress and how that can create a loss for a website and how to counter them and keep your website safe.

Common WordPress errors and their  best solutions to fix it

The errors

WordPress is advanced software a website developer which is like the Google of search engines but it can have some small errors which it deals with by itself but some errors may skip and may not get screened and can cause a loss for your website. Many errors in this advanced website developer may seem normal and may not cause a threat and even it manages to keep the data safe but some errors may cause data leakage or great harm to our website. So, here are some errors which you can look out for, and also the solutions are given simultaneously below every error for better understanding and for your website to be safe and sound.

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White screen failure

One of the most sloppy and common errors in WordPress is this white screen of failure or death which looks like a blank screen left with no writing more titles. This happens when your website can't load properly and can be undone by troubleshooting it, the solution to it is given below.


The main or most common reason behind this white in a failure on that can be a default plugin you can change the plugin or look if it's lacking on something and disabling it. You can also use the WordPress debug mode which is the inbuilt error finding a piece of software in WordPress that helps you find errors in your website.

404 error 

This is the most common error which every internet user has seen once in a lifetime. You can recognize it when it says that the page has not been found or is not being loaded. It happens mostly when the URLs are changed, removed, or broken the page cannot be found then. 


The solution to this problem can be the .htaccess file in the hyperlink structure of your website is damaged or broken. You can replace your htaccess file and see if your website works again. If it doesn't work then you have to give your website a new .htaccess file anytime the extension of a previous file with all the data stored in it.

Page not working error

This is also a very common error that says that the connection has timed out or the page is not working even after refreshing it many times. There can be many reasons behind this error and one of them is that other websites can be taking charge of your resources or your website has a very low tier and your website is putting a strain on the server.


The best solution for this type of error in the advanced website developer can be planning a high-tier custom website and replacing and updating your hosting plan. And for the strain on the server thing, you can check for the server straining plugins or any fancy themes that are putting a drain u can change the theme to the default of the website developer.

Update error 

This advanced website developer always tends to update itself automatically without any delay as it is the most important thing that is told to the website owners from the beginning. But sometimes due to some errors, updates fail and the website developer lacks behind.


This air is extremely rare but it can happen and when it happens your website might have been struck by the white screen failure or any other problems, but you can counter this update error simply by just downloading and installing the main update that is present from the main WordPress website and everything will be back to normal.

Schedule error 

WordPress is the biggest and most used website developer as a very nice feature that helps to get the work done before schedule or get your post done or uploaded before schedule but it can lack sometimes and the schedule can go missing or not uploaded on time even if it was done. It is extremely rare but it can happen the warning that needs to be taken is mentioned below.

When the system lags it shows a missed schedule there.


Without being too hard and words the simple way to explain this error is by getting to know the something called cron jobs which are tasks WordPress uses to automatically schedule things. If the cron jobs fail to schedule the post due to some glitch and the post stays in the admin dashboard forever. The best way to counter it is to use a WordPress plugin that will automatically trigger the schedule post.


Above we learned that the best website developer and manager WordPress that people use the most can also have some errors and glitches that can cause harm to your website and may leak info air cost a lost job. We also learned about how to counter these errors by giving solutions to you simultaneously.

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