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7 Fiber Optic Internet Myths Debunked

Fiber optic internet is the biggest advancement in broadband services. This type of internet service uses optic fiber in lieu of cable. It has myriad advantages over the traditional wired internet connection. First of all, it offers very high speed. The speed of wired broadband internet lies between 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps. On the other hand, fiber internet can offer data speed up to 1000 Mbps. It shows that you can receive and send images, videos, files, etc., with optical fiber at a 70% faster rate.

Fiber Optic Internet Myths Debunked

Another advantage of optic fiber internet is that it is less prone to water, dust, and other weather conditions. It can also be installed underwater and in muddy areas. In optic fiber, data is transmitted in the form of light pulses. Hence it is not susceptible to electromagnetic radiation. The optic fiber internet sends data at faster speeds and best for long-distance internet connectivity

The vendors are moving to fiber optic technology to provide high-speed internet services to their customers. In the present era, people spend more and more time watching high definition web series. These web serials have also increased the demands for fiber internet. They need high-speed data transmission, which cannot be served by traditional broadband internet. 

The fiber optic internet offers broadband is very high. It enables multiple users to access video streams, play internet games, and transmit & receive heavy files simultaneously. Because of its amazing benefits, fiber optic internet is becoming the popular choice of the people. Still, many people have a plethora of myths about fiber internet, which we are going to debunk in this article.

Here are the seven common myths about Fiber Optic Internet:

  • Optical Fiber Internet Is Costly Than Wired Broadband Services

Optical fiber is a relatively new technology, but it doesn't mean that it is expensive. Although its installation is costlier than the cable wire, its service charges are almost the same as a traditional internet connection. It simply means that by subscribing to the optical fiber internet, you can relish high-speed data without paying any more. The fiber internet is beneficial for both commercial and residential purposes. You can save 20% to 30% money by switching your organization's network to fiber optic technology.

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As already mentioned, these fibers are less sensitive to weather conditions. Therefore, it is less likely to go down than the wired cable. 

  • Fiber Internet Is Available Only In Metro Cities

A few years back, fiber internet was available in densely populated and metro cities. But its increasing demand has made it reach every city of the world today. So, it's not true that only people in developed cities can access fiber networks. You can find the nearby internet fiber optic vendor via the internet. After choosing the fiber internet provider, you need to schedule an appointment for installation. On the decided date or day, the vendor will install a small box on your premises. This box is known as an optical network terminal. The ISP then connects the ONT to the optical cable running nearby. After this, they connect your router with ONT via Ethernet cable.

  • Switching To Fiber Internet Is Quite Daunting

Another common misconception is that it's quite daunting to switch to fiber internet services. However, it is not like that. These cables are installed below the ground. Many people think that the installation of optic fiber involves tearing down the front garden of the house. But in reality, this is not going to happen. The fiber optic vendors are equipped with high-tech equipment and technology and install the fiber internet in a very decent way. Also, all data-driven devices like tablets, laptops, mobile run smoothly on fiber internet. It means you don't have to replace them by installing an optical fiber network. 

  • Optic Fibers Carry Current Signals

Optic cables carry information in the form of light instead of current. These thin fibers are made of glass and work on the total internal reflection principle. The optical cables are the safest option for your network-driven equipment. The optical fiber cable is not vulnerable to humidity and temperature; it ensures high-quality service. The optic fiber network is more powerful than the traditional wired network. Not just that, optical fiber is more environmentally friendly than copper cables. So, if you really want to contribute to the environment, you should go with fiber-optic networks. 

  • Fiber Optic Cables Are Not bendable.

Since fiber optic cables are made of glass, many people think they are not flexible and break when bent. Indeed, the latest version of optic fibers is protected by the buffer coating. This plastic coating gives enough flexibility to the fiber optic cable and safeguards it from mechanical stress. 

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There are two types of optical cables; multimode and single-mode. And both of them have a definite bend radius. Bend radius is nothing but a point up to which the fiber can be bent without any damage. It determines the flexibility of the optic fiber. The value of the bend radius depends on the thickness of the outer jacket. It is ten times the diameter of a buffer coating.

  • Optic Fiber Internet Is Not Secure

Optical fiber cable networks are more secure than traditional wired internet in every sense. The optical signals are difficult to catch, especially in multiprotocol label switching. To intercept data, hackers have to break the optical fiber, which can be easily detected. Besides this, optical fiber internet is less susceptible to Distributed Denial-of-service attacks. Optical cable allows transmitting data signals safely up to 25 miles.

  • The Maintenance Of Fiber Internet Is Difficult

The wired networks are based on craft user interfaces, and optical networks rely on the graphical user interface. It means any fault in the optical networks can be detected more easily, without human interference. The maintenance of fiber internet is much easier than the wired network connection. 

Wrapping Up:

The above myths are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other myths in people's minds that need to be eradicated. The fiber internet is the advanced technology that is making the life of people more convenient. It gives you high bandwidth and improves network security. 

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