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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: The Technologically Superior Smartphone

As time passes, we are introducing ourselves to new ways of living by using modern technologies. People are constantly discovering new tech to make lives smarter and easier. In this search for innovative tech upgrades, we have witnessed some life-changing discoveries; smartphones are one of those useful innovations for mankind. Smartphones have revolutionized human life to a very great extent.

Nobody ever imagined getting a small compact gadget that works like a computer in their hand; to make calls and help you to multitask your work. When the phone was first introduced; it was big and not as compact as you see it today. It was thought to be used only for communication purposes only, but now it has become imperative for our various tasks to ease our work at home and office.

In today’s lifestyle, most of us require a companion to ease our workload, so we can do everything perfectly. That’s where smartphones come and play an important role with its long list of features.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

There are various smartphone brands available in the market. Each one of them wants to create some unique tech for their users to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Here, we are going to discuss about Samsung and its new Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smartphone. 

About Samsung

The Samsung Group is a multinational South Korean conglomerate; which is headquartered in Samsung town in Seoul. It was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung Chul as a trading company and entered the electronics industry in the late 1960s.


They started the production of black and white TVs in 1970, from there they have started electronics business and manufactured various electronic items like refrigerators, washing machines, etc. The production and export of their colour TVs began in the year 1977. In the current scenario, they have achieved a lot, all because of their hard-working past. From its burgeoning home electronics business, the company has started exporting its products for the first time.

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Its founder Lee Byung Chul expired in 1987 and that led to the separation of the multinational conglomerate into five business groups: The Samsung Group, CJ Group, Hansol Group, Joongang Group and Shinsegae Group.

According to our research, it is found that in 1990; Samsung globalised its activities and electronics business. Its semiconductors and mobile phones have become the most valuable source of income. In 2020, it gained the 8th highest global brand value.

Today they have unveiled the world's first 75 inch Micro LED, released the Galaxy Fold and created the world's new mobile category and so on.

About Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is a miracle in itself. The technology used in it is beyond comprehension. If you are into photography; we prefer you to use it; as it is designed to create a revolution in the field of photography with its contour cut camera.

Its futuristic camera tech; can be used to capture cinematic 8k videos and epic stills. It also has Galaxy's strongest glass, fastest chip, all-day battery and 5G technology; which can't be ignored. The name ultra that it got in its name is the result of its features.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Let’s talk about its industry-leading revolutionary design. One key difference to notice in its design is its bold new camera design; which is different in its own way. It seamlessly contains cutting edge lenses with a contour cut camera. The design is more highlighted by special colour shades; called the shades of ultra; phantom black and phantom silver.

When we talk about Samsung smartphones; then always its display comes to the main focus. The display used in it is easy on the eyes; it has got 17.3 cm infinity-o display that has a variety of features like eye comfort shield, super smooth 120 Hz display, dynamic AMOLED 2x, 100% colour volume and 50% more contrast.

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According to the company, it is the brightest vivid display in a Galaxy smartphone; delivers the most stunning experience at 1500 nits. Some of its key display features are mentioned below.

S Pen Compatibility

According to Samsung, it is the first S Pen for S series to put precision at your fingertips. The introduction of S Pen has introduced new possibilities, you can now do craft edits, fine touch and retouch. S Pen helps you to take full advantage of its super smooth display.

Eye Comfort Shield

If blue light bothers you? Adjust the blue light according to your preference in Galaxy S21 ultra 5G; as it has an eye comfort shield. The feature of the eye comfort shield helps your phone to adjust its brightness and blue light according to your eyes comfort. It helps in reducing harmful blue light to minimize eye fatigue and strain, so you can focus more on your favourite movies and sleep easily.

Offers Smooth 120 Hz Display

Do you want a display to keep up with your feeds? Then this phone is your answer. The super-smooth 120Hz display it has is very responsive and delivers smooth transitions on every touch. It also sets and optimizes the refresh rate on the basis of what you're viewing to save battery life to enjoy more.

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus

In Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G they have used the toughest gorilla glass at both front and back and are designed to protect it from scratches.

Some Key Features of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

There are various features in it, but here we are going to show you some of its key highlights. These features make it a tech come from the future and seems like a revolution in the current phase of technology. Following are some of its key features mentioned below.

Fastest Chip Ever

The epic speed and power that S21 has; due to Galaxy's first 5nm processor. The confined processor has made it faster in every aspect compared to other smartphones. It offers 2x faster AI, 20 percent faster CPU performance, 35 percent faster GPU performance and offers up to 16 GB RAM.

Offers Quality Security

You can now lock your phone up with the Knox security platform. The Samsung Knox security platform gives high-end security protection to the phone and makes you more confident about your data and app protection.


In it, you will also find Samsung Knox Vault features to secure your biometric authentication data. It also has a larger Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for more improved latency to recognize fast for accurate unlocking and it doesn't matter if you have a dry finger.

Intelligent Battery

Do you always lack battery; while using your phone? Then don't compromise; use Galaxy S21 ultra 5G and you will get all-day power, as it has an intelligent battery. The intelligent 5000 mAh battery used in it outlasts the day even if you're on 5G.

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All of this is possible due to its new power-efficient processor and display; make its way beyond the 24 hours mark. Its 25W Travel Adapter offers you the facility of super-fast charging to charge your phone to more than 50% in just 30 minutes.

If you don't want to get in the hassle of cable while charging; you can use its fast wireless charging 2.0 for hassle-free charging and the new revolutionary way of charging the wireless power share; that lets you charge your buds, watch or another phone.

Built-in 512 GB Memory

The 512 GB built-in memory makes it easy for you to save your memories. Now you can store thousands and thousands of high-resolution photos and videos. You can also put your files on OneDrive, so you can easily access them from other devices too.

Offers Boss Level Gaming Experience

The 120Hz display delivers fast response and smooth touch action. You can enjoy next-level gaming; once you pair it with 5G or wifi for real-time gameplay. The enhanced game booster used in it keeps your gaming in priority to make you focus on your game by managing all notifications and calls; while maximizing its performance.

The sophisticated AI looks after your device usage and adjusts your setting automatically for the best experience. It takes care of memory, battery and temperature while you enjoy the game, so you don't face any hassle.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is one of the most premium smartphones; which focuses more on the camera. It captures photos in better quality and gives the experience of 100X "space zoom" and 8K video recording like Galaxy S20 ultra. Do you want to take your photography skills to the next level? You can now do so with Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra 5G and get it online since there are a number of stores available for online shopping in New Zealand for shoppers to get it at a special price.

It comes without headphones or a charger. In its box, you will only see a phone and USB C to C cable. But if you are pre-ordering it; then you will get various freebies such as Galaxy Buds, Smart Tag and a 25W charger. The best OLED screen which has a Wacom layer makes it one of the most powerful hardware in the current tech world. Samsung has shown the world the power of advanced technology with the help of its Galaxy ultra 5G; that has overwhelmed most people of the world with the features that it offers.

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