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how AMD really better than Intel Or Intel is better?

 When it comes to searching for processors, tech-savvies goes through several rating and reviews blogs to find out which outweigh which. The fight between AMD and Intel has been going on for since we can remember. AMD was seen almost nowhere for the past few years, but with its latest release, AMD is back to the race. EPYC processor series and AMD Opteron Processor are two of the most recent launches from AMD. On the other hand, Intel is well-known for its hi-tech processors.

how AMD really better than Intel Or Intel is better?

As per most of the tech gurus' opinion, picking out which processor is better is a never-ending argument. However, we have drafted a complete comparison between the two kings to make it easier for the customer to make a determined decision. Let's see which one is the better choice for you:

Value & Pricing

One of the most considerable factors for everyone while purchasing processors is budget. Therefore, the processor's value and pricing should be checked before you pulverize on a processor's performance. Set a value frame according to which you can shortlist the options. When it comes to pricing, AMD is harder to surpass for its Opteron series. But for XT processors and Ryzen 5000 series, it is hard to say the same thing. However, these higher models offer numerous additional advantages. 

On the flip side, Intel core processors have relatively higher prices with the same specifications. Adding more threads and features can make Intel processors more expensive, but AMD can offer more threads at a single pricing point also. 

Processor Gaming Performance

AMD holds a critical lead in terms of performance too. On the other hand, Intel is exclusively known for its gaming performance for decades. The battle between the two is quite tough as both put a benchmark show for gamers. However, some AMD processors outweigh Intel with their gaming performance, including Ryzen 5900X PBO, 5950X PBO, and 5600X PBO.  

In order to get the most of the benefits from AMD processors, you need to get high-end performing monitors to see the graphics and all. If you are a gaming expert, AMD is most suitable for you in terms of price and performance. Rest, we will see further:

Latest Features & Specifications

No doubt Intel is renownedly known among the layman, but a tech-savvy know what AMD actually is. Both have processors that can fulfill an individual’s needs. Intel has ruled the kingdom for years with its top-notch features and specifications. Now, AMD is giving tough competition to Intel with its Ryzen and Threaddripper lines. We’ve mentioned the performance of each processor in a chart form below:


Cores / Threads

Base / Boost GHz




Threadripper 3990X

64 / 128

2.9 / 4.3


72 Usable Gen4

Quad DDR4-3200

Intel W-3175X

28 / 56

3.1 / 4.8


48 Gen3

Six-Channel DDR4-2666

Threadripper 3970X

32 / 64

3.7 / 4.5


72 Usable Gen4

Quad DDR4-3200

Xeon W-3265

24 / 48

2.7 / 4.6


64 Gen3

Six-Channel DDR4-2933

Core i9-10980XE

18 / 36

3.0 / 4.8


48 Gen3

Quad DDR4-2933

Heat Emission & Power Consumption Statistics

If you compare the power and heat of AMD and Intel, you can discover a considerable difference. The lithography and architecture of the processors are responsible for their power consumption. The higher the power consumption, the more will be the heat emission. You might require beefier coolers to curb heat. 

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In recent years, Intel has worked tremendously and now has successfully strengthened its performance by 70%. However, the power back performance increases Intel processors' heat up to the notch, which needs coolers to fend off the heat. On the other hand, AMD's 7nm node is much better than intel's 14nm node processor, which consumes less power and performs better. 

Drivers & Software

Intel is the winner when it comes to drivers and software supports because we have all seen AMD users getting annoyed by the lag in CPU graphics and other drivers. Due to limited resources, AMD is behind Intel, making Intel's position much stable in the market. 

The graphic drivers in Intel processors have become much better lately, which made it popular among gamers. Many people are not aware of the fact that Intel is one of the largest graphic vendors worldwide. 


Overclocking is leveraged to enhance PC performance. When we compare AMD and Intel for overclocking, they are incomparable as Intel offers the most. With Intel chips, you will get high-end performance as compared to AMD processors. The latter ones offer better performance at stock settings than overclocking. Intel offers manual tuning that AMD doesn't, allowing only a few hundreds of MHZ overclocking from the latter side. One feature that AMD offers is single-click auto-clocking that can add some extra to the PC performance.  

With more attainable frequencies and headroom, Intel is the winner of the overclocking race. On the flip side, AMD also offers to overclock to entry-level users but lag in performance. 

Processor’s Architecture

A processor's architecture drives how it is going to perform. It offers scalability in performance to the processor. AMB and Intel follow two different types of architecture: Interconnects and microarchitecture. AMD users numerous threads attached in its cohesive processor, which yields performance and reduces overhead costs. Intel processors cannot match the scalability that AMD offers due to its innovative architecture. Therefore, unquestionably AMD takes the lead here again and beats the Intel processors in terms of architecture.

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Intal tried to overcome this loss with its microarchitecture in the upcoming years but stuck on with security vulnerabilities. Meantime, AMD is slaying the throne with its ZEN 3 microarchitecture processor, which is more powerful and resilient than Intel. Here, AMD is the clear winner. 

Which One Won The Race?

The answer to this question can be different for different people. The better processor among AMD and Intel might differ from one tech-savvy to another. So, you should check all the above-stated considerations and make your decision. Although, there are other deciding factors, too, which can help find the best processor that fits your needs. 

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