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Best Earbuds For Listening To Podcasts & Music

 Period dramas, action flicks or mind-blowing thrillers - Are you a lazy movie maniac whose idea of a perfect evening is to watch a movie or binge on a series? Then you definitely would understand the importance of having a perfect pair of earphones in order to fully enjoy your watch! Especially with the rise of OTT platforms, there are so many shows to watch and so many podcasts to listen to!

That’s why we have curated a list of the best earbuds that will ensure that you get to enjoy every bit of your favorite shows or movies. You might be wondering, why earbuds? Well, apart from looking uber cool, they are super comfortable to wear and can be used conveniently. As wireless earbuds can be connected to the device of your choice over Bluetooth, you don’t have to worry about getting entangled in the wire and even sleep with them on!

So without much adieu, let's have a look at some of the best Bluetooth earbuds in the market right now: 

boAt’s Airdopes 441

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings - thinking of having a movie marathon? Well, whatever is it that you pick, you are definitely going to need a pair of earbuds that don’t just deliver powerful audio but are also comfortable to wear. 

boAt’s Airdopes 441

Meet Airdopes 441, beautifully designed tws earbuds that deliver the needed cinematic sound so that you can escape into the magical realm of your favorite fantasy movie! 

The 6mm drivers pump out audio that is loud, clear, and pitch-perfect. The ear hooks on the buds ensure that they don’t fall off from your ears while you are jumping in excitement or dozing off while listening to your sleep podcast. 

They also come with Insta Wake N’ Pair (IWP) technology, meaning that they get into the connection mode as soon as you open the lid. Meaning, no wasting time! They offer you a playtime of up to 5H per charge but their 500mAh portable charging cum carry case provides an additional 25H of a charge. The advanced capacitive touch controls further give you a hands-free listening experience and ensure that nothing comes in between you and your entertainment!

Oneplus buds z

If you are a fan of action thrillers or like loud music, you need a pair of earphones that deliver a strong sound! Oneplus buds z is one of the most versatile wireless earbuds that comes loaded with many interesting features. 

Oneplus buds z

Each bud incorporates an advanced 10mm dynamic driver that ensures a deep and pumping bass. With these, you get to elevate your sound with Dynamic 3D stereo with Dolby Atmos and panoramic sound fidelity using the latest Dirac Audio Tuner digital technology. 

Once fully charged, it provides you with a splendid 20H of battery - 5H in the earbuds and an extra 15H in the case. On top of that, a mere charge of 10 mins can give you an impressive playtime of up to 3H! 

However, all of these amazing features come packed in a plastic unibody which can be a little too fragile and vulnerable to easy damage. But if you are careful, you don’t have to worry much as they are IP55 certified. Overall, they are a good option for listening to music or watching movies!

Noise shots Nuvo

Super comfortable and lightweight - these earbuds are absolutely gorgeous! The design of the earpiece is ergonomic, with in-ear silicone tips that are angled to ensure comfort and grip while sitting inside the ears.So no more frequent adjusting of earbuds while you are fully engrossed in your movie! 

Noise shots Nuvo

They also house a 6mm driver unit for dynamic audio output that ensures that you get to listen to the dialogues loud and clear! Each earpiece has a standalone playback of 4hrs on a single charge and comes with smart touch controls for playback and voice calling.

Crossbeats pebble

Stylish and Strong - These wireless Bluetooth earbuds come with a unique tan-colored leather sling tag that makes carrying the case of the earbuds more convenient. 

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They offer a secure fit and their lightweight design They take less than 60 mins to charge completely, thanks to the Type C fast-charging system. Once fully charged, you can enjoy uninterrupted music for up to 20H ( 5H from the buds and rest from the case). Crossbeats pebble

Packed with improved graphene drivers, they pump out music that is well balanced and real-like. On top of that, these noise-canceling earbuds deliver an unmatched pure bass effect that resonates inside your eardrums, giving you a complete cinematic feel.  However, if you are also going to use these buds for calling, then you might feel a little disappointed because it’s not that great.

Blaupunkt btw lite

Last, in the list, but not the least, these in-ear wireless earphones sound as good as they look! The earphones are light and comfortable, and come with ear tips that give them a secure fit! The sound quality is warm, with dominating highs and lows. 

Blaupunkt btw lite

The earphones also deliver a decent bass that might not be up to the mark for some listeners who enjoy loud music! The earbuds offer a playtime of up to 4H and you get an additional 15H with the charging cum carry case!

Hope you have found your new movie partners! 

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