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Create Your Responsive Website with AngularJS

Angular JS is a perfect option when it comes to offering responsive web design services. It is a way to ultimately extend the HTML vocabulary that exists inside of your web design and make it very expressive and quick to develop! The question of how to create a responsive website with Angular JS is something we, as a Jacksonville-based responsive web design company, are going to take a look at!

Create Your Responsive Website with AngularJS

Angular JS is overall a framework that was created by Google that really allows you to extend HTML that you provide via responsive web design services and it allows you to use HTML as the primary template language. Angular JS really serves as a valuable toolset in responsive web design services because it is so extensible, and it does work well with other libraries as well. Just about every feature can be fully replaced or modified as needed to work with what development workflow you need!

Basic Layout

The basic index html for Angular JS is as follows:

  1. <!doctype html>

  2. <htmlng-app>

  3. <head>

  4. <scriptsrc=""></script>

  5. </head>

  6. <body>

  7. <div>

  8. <label>Name:</label>

  9. <inputtype="text"ng-model="yourName"placeholder="Enter a name here">

  10. <hr>

  11. <h1>Hello {{yourName}}!</h1>

  12. </div>

  13. </body>

  14. </html>

For Angular JS, this basic index serves as the starting point. In line 2, the “ng-app” section is telling the Angular JS to be and remain active in that part of the page. Or more specifically to be active in the entire document.

As a Jacksonville web design company, once we have this basic layout in hand, we can move on to adding some control into the Angular JS HTML for whatever application we might be working on.

Add-In Control

Offering web design in Columbus, Ohio, we know that there are a few different ways we can go about adding in control to the Angular JS HTML. 

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One manner is through plain JavaScript.Angular JS models are plain JavaScript objects, making the code that we use in our responsive web design services much easier to test, maintain, and reuse! Plain JavaScript will often appear as something similar to this:

  1. .done-true{

  2. text-decoration: line-through;

  3. color: grey;

  4. }

Another option to add in control is through controllers. Controllers serve as the behavior behind the Document Object Model (DOM) elements in Angular JS. Angular JS allows us as a Jacksonville-based web design company to express said behavior in a straightforward readable form without needing to use the typical boilerplate when registering callbacks or updating the DOM at any point.

Create Components

As providers of web design in Columbus, Ohio, we know that responsive web design services need to be adaptable. That is why when we discuss how to create a responsive web design with Angular JS, taking components into consideration is an important part of the process.

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Components are a special kind of directive that makes use of a simple configuration that helps to promote best practices and optimize component-based architecture. Components can be registered using .component() in Angular JS.

Some common components that designers who provide responsive web design services can create include:

  • Reusable Components: Directives are used to create these components. They allow you to hide CSS, behavior, and often complex DOM structures.

  • Directives: These serve as a powerful feature available via responsive web design services in Angular JS. Directives allow designers to create new HTML syntax that is specific to the application they are working on.

  • Localization: A very important part of apps, Angular JS has locale-aware filters and stemming directives that work to give designers building blocks to assist them in making their applications available in all locales worldwide.

These are some of the basics when it comes to how to create responsive web design with Angular JS. As a framework, it opens up many possibilities when it comes to responsive web design services and just what designers can do.

As an AngularJs mobile app development company in Columbus, Ohio, and Jacksonville, Florida, Split Reef’s team of experienced developers are able to work on applications using Angular JS. If you are looking for responsive web design services that make incorporate Angular JS, feel free to reach out to us!

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