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5 Ways to Multiply Your Social Media Traffic on Fridays

Social media marketing is the best way to enhance traffic. But you might have seen a fall on Fridays! If this is the case with you, this guide can help. Take a look!

Fridays are the fabulous or most awaiting day of the week for everyone, but it is not that great from the perspective of marketers. We all might have noticed that social media engagements see a plunge on Fridays. 

Social Media Traffic

Yes, most social media marketing strategies, even effective ones, fail to deliver the result we are expecting on Fridays. But as we all know, Fridays are days when we feel mentally more relaxed as compared to other working days, that means results should be better than usual, right? Then what is the reason behind this fall? Maybe there is something not right in the way we are approaching postings and promotions on Friday.

So let’s change our strategy a little bit and give a boost to social media traffic. Here are the points you can follow for the same. Let’s begin!

 Try Changing your Posting Schedule 

It is one of the crucial reasons behind the failure of social media marketing efforts. Don’t do what you are doing the whole week on Fridays, and change your posting time. Since Fridays are fun filled, people may not stay active at all times as they are on other days. According to a report, they are most active in the first half of their day (it may change as per your intended audience), and you should post your content, respectively. For optimum results, you can also perform various experiments on different hours to find the best posting time on Fridays for your brand.

Engage with your Audience Actively

One of the most vital aspects of social media management, or to the target audience, is keeping your audience engaged, especially on Fridays, because if they are free, they will instantly head to your competition. So, before you overlook talking to your audience, make sure:

1. Research suggests that 1 in 3 of your prospects may go to competitors if ignored, even for a while.

2. 34% of people choose social media only for top-notch customer care. 

It doesn’t mean that you need to spend every waking moment waiting to answer your customers, but you should responsibly offer the best experience to your customers in the shortest time. And it's one of the essential parts is replying to customer concerns or questions.

Alter Your Strategy a Bit

You can create your post based on the latest trending topic on social media. Try trending topics and make your content and post accordingly. To drive the attention of the audience, you can use this strategy on a day-to-day basis. Hence, posting trending content will surely drive audience engagements. Such posts also obtain great clicks on social media, which helps in building brand image and brand awareness.

Experts know better what time is right for posting. Then why not reach professionals for the same?

Put your Posts Relatable up to Friday Mood

Understanding the mood of your audience is key to the success of your social media strategy, regardless of your industry type or your way to promote your content on social media. As we mention above as well on Fridays, people start to take their back seat and relax, so your posts should be relatable to that mood. 

You can post funny or relaxing themed content with engaging hashtags like #fridayfun, #fridayfeeling, etc. so that people begin to engage and share. This way, you may feel a rise in audience engagements on Fridays as well. 

 Find Out What May Engage your Followers

As we've discussed above, engagements are absolutely crucial for social media marketing. So, for better results, you can figure out how your rivals engage with their followers by doing competitive analysis. You can even reach experts for the research, as they are well aware of the procedure. This way, you will find out what type of content drives the clicks,  comments, impressions, and shares. And further, it will help you while making your own social media content planning.

Reach Out to Professionals for Better Help…

Surely these strategies will make you stand out and will also help you drive traffic. However, for the well-implementation of social media marketing strategies, you must reach a professional social media agency.

Being experienced and trained in their work, experts work well and bring you the results you are expecting. 

Have Favorable Fridays!!

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