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Best Tips You Need to Decide Between Soundbar and Speaker System

Is the soundbar better than the speaker? What is the difference between a speaker system and a soundbar? How to decide which one is a better fit for your TV or music? For home entertainment enthusiasts, here is a quick guide on speaker vs soundbar that answers each one of your questions. So, you can spend your money wisely. 

Soundbar and Speaker System

Remember the reason for buying

Whether it is convenience, affordability, quality, or extra capabilities, both speakers and soundbars have pros and cons. So while you upgrade your TV sound, the first thing you must remember is knowing the reason why you would choose a speaker over a soundbar or the other way round. But rest assured that both are guaranteed to elevate your movie watching, music or, gaming experience.

Now, let’s get started with the best tips to help you decide between speakers and soundbar.

Stick to your budget or recalibrate it - 

If you want a budget-friendly option, then a soundbar would be a convenient and affordable option. But bear in mind that it will not be a success in big rooms. Soundbars would easily come in the bracket of 20K to 30 K, while a speaker system will require a fat wad of cash. For first-time buyers, it is the simplest choice.

Also, a stand-alone soundbar won’t pack a punch with immersive sound quality. In a spacious, sprawling space, a speaker system is the best fit. If you are willing to spend extra bucks, then with a dedicated surround sound speaker system, you will enjoy the most immersive sound experience. However, soundbars provide access to streaming services, Bluetooth and WiFi so you can display your own music from your home network and streaming services.

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Consider your level of expertise in the installation process - 

A soundbar is laughably easy to set and requires no installation process, per se. Setting up speaker systems can be a difficult task as it requires expert calibration. If a plug-and-play option is your top priority, skip the option of getting a speaker system, as it requires expert assistance.

Factor in the aesthetic sensibilities - 

A speaker system can look obtrusive in your home layout, as it is bulky. But if you are willing to risk interference with your home decor, we would root for a speaker system as it renders superior clarity. Soundbars on the other hand come in sleek, stunning designs and don’t compromise your room’s aesthetics, while also upgrading your TV sound.

How important is customizability for you - 

With a speaker system, you enjoy a great level of flexibility and customization. You can mix and match the separates to get the desired outcome in terms of audio. With a soundbar, you have to usually settle for what the manufacturers have to offer you without the flexibility to mix and match. Nevertheless, a soundbar offers exceptional audio quality and remains a minimalist’s aesthetically appealing choice (also it doesn’t require you to break a bank, as it comes cheap as we said before!)

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At Ooberpad, we want to offer you the convenience of picking up exciting products that fit your needs, caters to your taste, and ticks all the boxes on your checklist. To save you from examining every detail and cut down the trying process, we have curated a well-researched, credible list of recommendations for you for both soundbars and speaker systems. Have a look!




B&W Formation Series 5.1 Channel Wireless Home Theatre Speaker Package


Naim Muso

Polk Audio

JBL stage 5.1 Package


Elac Cinema 5 5.1Speaker Package

Bowers and Wilkins

Focal Dome Flax 5.1 Package

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