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Paymanager – Employee Login, Download Salary Slip, Employee Registration 2023

    Today in this article, we are going to talk about a fantastic application which is known as Paymanager, which is a state bill preparation system and a tremendous platform or portal through which we can prepare employee bills and DA arrears, and also provides various other bonus facilities.

    If you want to know about this platform, then this article could be for you as we are giving all the detailed information about Paymanager, and to get that information, you may continue reading the following article.


    What is Paymanager?

    Paymanager is an excellent portal or a system of bill preparation providing various features and services to the government employees of the Rajasthan state government. It offers us an integrated and combined platform for the employees to pay and prepare employees' bills, for the preparation of DA arrears, different encashment bills of arrears and leave, bonuses, and several other excellent facilities.

    For using the fabulous services of Paymanager, you may receive its ID, which was issued by the different departments under which a government employee works. By utilizing that ID, they can use Paymanger with easy access and can enjoy its various services. This portal is beneficial and freely available for all government employees, officers, and servants of the Rajasthan government. It includes different services related to salaries, such as pay slips, monthly slips, tax-related information, and many more things. This is one of the steps of making everything done through a digital portal as a part of the digital india mission and brings transparency to various services of the financial department. This platform is working under the finance ministry of rajasthan.

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    Who can log in on the Paymanager Portal?

    On the pay manager application, different persons, like the head of the government department, various office employees, and bank employees, can easily log in and can, get multiple benefits and can enjoy other services.

    • For employees login: By using their ID and password, government employees of rajasthan can easily log in on this portal and have various benefits like checking the status of their monthly salary, bonus, different bills, tax, and various other facilities.
    • For Bank Login: For various facilities like depositing employees' salaries in their particular bank account and for other things, the bank can use the login facilities of Paymanager. Through this, the bank can easily monitor the salary and other issues of their employees and can provide several facilities like PDFs and other pieces of information.
    • HOD Login: The head of the department can also log in on this platform which is known as department login, and can check various issues which are related to the salaries of the employees and can solve them.

    How do login on to the Paymanager Portal?

    To login on to Paymaner, one has to follow specific steps, which are as given below:

    • For the login process, government employees of the rajasthan government have to use their ID and password given to them by their department.
    • After having their ID and password, they have to visit the official website of the Paymanager portal in rajasthan by searching it on any good search engine.
    • Now just open this website, and after opening it, you will see various kinds of login such as employee login, head of the department login, bank login, and many more. You have to click on your type of login.
    • Now, after clicking on the login, you have to enter your ID and password, and after this, you have to provide them given a captcha code and, after that, click on it.
    • Now you will see that within some time, you can quickly log in to this fantastic pay manager portal and easily and freely enjoy their services.

    Registration Process of Head of the Department on Paymanager Portal

    For monetary various salary related issues of the employees and to solve them, the head of the department uses the Paymanager portal. Here are the steps given, which are used for the login process to the head of the department portal.

    1. Firstly we have to visit the pay manager website, and then we have to dashboard this platform.
    2. Now you have to click on the link showing HOD registration.
    3. After opening this link, you will see that a page is opened where you have to fill out the whole form to be registered as the head of the department of your department.
    4. In online registration, you have to select your department from the list given there, and after this, you have to fill in your IFMS username.
    5. After the verification of the IFMS username given by you then, you have to fill in the particular ID that is provided to you by your department.
    6. Now you have to write your name, mobile number, and email ID, and within some time, you will be provided an OTP on your email ID or mobile number.
    7. Fill in that OTP on the screen to verify yourself.
    8. Now, after all this, the registration process of yourself as a head of the department tis completed, and you can access the HOD login anytime, whenever you want, by just writing your ID and password, and that’s all.

    How to Recover or Reset Login Password on Paymanager?

    If you forgot your Paymanager Password and want to recover it, then you have to follow the following steps which are as given below:

    1. After opening Paymanager, you will see an option showing forgot password which is given below the login button on which you have to click.
    2. After clicking on that, you will see that a new page is opened on which you will see an option showing reset password with the form which has to be filled by you by giving some details like the ID of the employee, their bank account number, their date of birth, and their mobile number and after this click on the button showing submit details in blue color.
    3. Now, after this, an OTP will come, which has to be filled by you, and after that, you will see that another page is opened on which you have to fill in your new password and re-enter it.
    4. Now with this new password, you can quickly log in to your Paymanager Portal.


    This article was all about Paymanager, and we hope that this will be very useful and helpful for you all. After reading this article, you will get all the desired information about this portal.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the motive for starting Paymanager by the government?

    This was started to provide various services to the government employees of rajasthan and was begun by the finance ministry of rajasthan. All Rajasthan government employees can use this portal to check salary-related information, bonus, tax, and other services.

    What are the details provided to the employees through salary slips on Paymanager?

    Using the pay manager, employees can check their salary slips where details are given, like their personal data, benefits, payments, deductions, and several others.

    What do you understand by the Paymanager ID?

    Paymanager ID is the ID given to government employees by their particular department, and by using this ID, they may log in to Paymanager to have the benefits of using various services and taking information.

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