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Amazon Brand Registry 2.0: 7 Important Things You Need To Know

Small brands are making the most out of e-commerce platforms to upscale their online presence and sales. It is an opportunity to open business lines to the world and encourage entrepreneurs to explore their marketing strategies.

Producing a lucrative online business on Amazon isn’t as easy as having the determination to sell, you need to possess a thorough understanding of brand guidelines and registry to stand out. If you want to succeed Amazon, you will surely put the time and effort in.

This entails brand guidelines that will aid your knowledge of Amazon paid advertisements and management—an essential tool to promote your business to the target market, acquire sales, and have a step up on the product listing rankings. While this is the main focus of many businesses, you must not forget the perks of the Amazon Brand Registry which protects your listings and drives away the bad actors from your brand.

Amazon Brand Registry

In this article, you will learn the 7 main reasons why you should register your brand, how you can brand or rebrand your products or services on social media, and how you can start safeguarding your online business.

Why Register?

When you sell on Amazon, it is a crucial step to register especially if you aim to weed out rip-off products or ward off businesses that are imitating your listings. Simply present a certification (in the form of registration) to prove that you are a legitimate seller, which will profit your business in the long run.

Below are 7 common benefits that you and your business will get when you register:

1-Reinforcement of Business Credibility

When buyers sift through the Amazon search results, they can easily tell which products are reliable, original, and made by the business itself. It’s not just a label but a guarantee for your customers that they get the quality advertised by your business. This is highly important especially if you have a design team that has worked hard in crafting your products.

2-Protection of Business Brand

Hijackers and counterfeiters are the most notorious users on Amazon. They will try to hold your business back by ruining your brand reputation and listings. Hijackers specifically target listings that are temporarily inactive yet have rich reviews, while counterfeiters are unauthorized resellers of your items may it be an original one or a replica. Through Amazon’s protection tools and brand registry, you won’t have to problematize these users.


3-Immediate Action Against Violators

As soon as you are alerted by the presence of counterfeiters or hijackers, Amazon promptly takes action and reports the incident to you. There will be a 24-hour customer service that you can reach out to and file a complaint with. Amazon will be available throughout the process: from informing counterfeiters and hijackers through email, installation of bots that automatically scan and analyze listings, to legal assistance should you want to file a case concerning intellectual property.

4-Awareness of Target Market

The brand registry is an added opportunity for you to contemplate your target market whether you just started selling or have been selling for quite some time. During this phase, you will scrutinize your product descriptions and other marketing strategies that uphold the interest of your consumers. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do the customers need?
  • When do the customers need it?
  • Where will the customers see it quickly?
  • Why are my products worth my customers’ money?
  • How will the customers acquire what I am offering?

5-Promotion of Business Transparency

Since your goal is to deliver what the customer wants, the brand registry ensures these promises and increases the buyer’s loyalty. Transparency is one of the values in which the brand registry anchors their principles. To quote Amazon’s definition of transparency:
“Transparency is a product serialization service that helps identify individual units and proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers.”
By the virtue of brand registry, you will be provided with barcodes that can be scanned using iOS or Android applications to check if what your business sells is original. Using these barcodes, you and your customers are assured that your listings are licensed and acknowledged by Amazon’s system.

6-Continued Surveillance of Business

Even with the most effective protection tools, we need to expect that hijackers and counterfeiters are just waiting around the corner. This is why you need to register your brand; to constantly monitor your products and establish that it is legitimate and original. Amazon also offers assistance when it comes to managing your store and keeping an eye on any bad actors. In the same way that violators are everywhere, Amazon brand protection agencies are widely available. Consisting of a team of experts, these agencies are equipped to proactively protect your account against hijackers and counterfeiters should you ever be a target.

7-Improvement of Selling and Shopping

Once your brand and products are secured through the Amazon Brand Protection program, there should be visible signs of improvement in your sales and your target market’s overall shopping experience. This occurrence will cultivate the expansion of your business because when previous buyers return, income is being generated. When this happens, you are ready to grow through paid advertisements, social media content, and more as you learn hand in hand with Amazon’s brand guidelines to avoid penalties.

For more information on the processes and benefits of Amazon Brand Guidelines and Registry, you can always visit our site.

Branding on Social Media

Similar to the e-commerce platform, social media branding can significantly impact your business for the better since there are approximately 2.1 billion social media users across the globe. One of the main reasons to foster a good business brand on social media is to build brand awareness based on the digital marketing funnel:

digital marketing funnel

This concept is derived from comprehending the way consumers think and matching your approach or presentation of the products with it. Based on our research, the funnel always starts with an awareness stage, followed by a consideration stage, a purchase stage, then a retention stage. These stages have different objectives, and as you go down the sales funnel, your community engagements (e.g., followers, frequent viewers) are converted into a set of loyal customers.

A- Awareness

During this phase, your way of delivering your brand’s message is informational. It is your audience’s first time to hear about your products. The strategy for this is to produce content that will ignite discussion regarding the theme/s of your brand; to spark a sense of connection or curiosity. At the end of the day, your goal is to gain shares, reactions, and followers.


For this part of the funnel, your viewers have gained some knowledge about what you are selling or offering. Alongside their level of interest, they are evaluating the importance of your brand to their lives. You will need a competitive caliber of research to prove that your products or services provide promising solutions.


By this time, you have garnered an adequate amount of followers on your social media page, and they are more or less well-informed about your brand. Your prospects will dig into your pricing, packages, bundles, and discounts. Webinars, business calls, and sales events are the kind of content you should be posting. This will immediately lead to continuous purchases and increased sales for your online business.


Reaching this stage is an indication that you have successfully converted your followers to loyal customers. Expect that your followers are engrossed by your content and products, so take advantage of it by stimulating their online behavior using digital campaigns. The key is to inspire your consumers to make another purchase with the quality of products and services offered by your business.

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If you’ve already made a social media page for your Amazon business, then here are a couple of quick tips to start your branding:

  • Have consistent postings and designs across all your social media pages (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest).
  • Design an eye-catching logo for your brand that will also represent your company. Be sure to use it in all of your socials; this is when viewers start realizing you have a brand.
  • Use a voice and style for your brand and keep it consistent. Choosing a voice and style depends on who your target audience is. For instance, how would you communicate with mothers? What kind of language should you use?
  • Incorporate online etiquette and use it as a guide to learn how you must communicate with your audience. You need to maintain your style, tone, and language up to the comments section or reviews page.
  • Build a relationship with your audience by conversing with them. This time-consuming process includes updating your page profile and interacting with your audience, and will build trust for your brand.
  • Share a compelling narrative through your content. According to Walter Fisher, humans are storytellers by nature. Having a good structure for your narrative and ‘making sense’ through credible information will contribute to your brand’s development.
  • Post relevant content with visuals. You need to set a schedule for when you will publish a specific event, video, image, text, or a combination of one or two of the aforementioned. This increases the engagement rate, and you need to make the most out of it.

Protect Your Business

Ready to bring out the best in your business? You can start by examining the Amazon SEO ecosystem, working on your business blog, applying keywords, and more with Stallion Express’s SEO guide

Besides Amazon Brand Protection Agencies, here are some of the additional services offered at Stallion Express:

  • Full account management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Sponsored advertisements management
  • Product launching
  • Listing optimization
  • Account suspension appeal and reinstatement
  • Reimbursements and refunds

Get in touch with us, and expand the growth of your Amazon business in the comfort of your home.

Did this article help you in any way? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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