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8 Best Social Media Platforms for Business: Your Ultimate Guide

Social media has become an integral part of our personal lives and businesses, especially during these times. These social media platforms give a space to share your photos and videos and provide a ground to grow and develop your business. 

Social media platforms are an ocean of opportunities. To leverage these opportunities, you need to find the right platform that suits the style of your business. Using the correct type of platform will help you maximize maximise your reach and awareness about your business, and it will also increase the flow of traffic from the target audience.

But finding and selecting a suitable app might be tricky sometimes.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are the 8 Best Social Media platforms for your business.

8 Best Social Media Platforms for Business


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, and it is believed to be a foundation for online advertising. The specialty of Facebook is that it has a rich user base, and this will surely bring a significant difference in spreading awareness about your business.  

It allows you, the advertiser, to find and target your target audience from the widespread consumer base based on their age, gender, interests, habits, etc.


Instagram is by far one of the easiest and efficient platforms to promote your business. Even though Facebook owns it, it doesn’t limit you in any way, and it sets a fantastic advertising platform for the users.

With the help of its easy-to-access user interface, you can capture and share creative pictures and videos promoting your products and services. The differentiating factor, in this case, is that it provides a set of inbuilt marketing tools and tips to increase your traffic organically to your site without harming your budget. 


Let’s be honest; it is rare to find someone who does not have a YouTube account. YouTube is an app that’s widely used to watch and share videos online. This platform sees a massive base of approximately 30 million active users daily. 

Using this tool, you can reach out to your target audience easily.

Posting videos related to your business will surely increase your reach and awareness about the products and services you provide. 

The only thing you need to do is create an account by signing up, upload relevant content consistently to gain organic traffic. 


Twitter has attracted many people, and it’s trendy for providing a rapidly engaging area for creators and marketers for growing and developing their businesses. It allows you to make and share content that promotes your service, which can be posted in your profile.

Make sure that you are using the proper “hashtag”. What is a hashtag, you ask? Well, hashtags are words or phrases that help you categorize your posts, increase engagement, attract followers to a particular post, promote a brand, and help reach a target audience. 

Twitter is undisputedly one of the best apps to share your content, updates, and much more! Using this site will help you gain new potential customers up to an extent.


Most of us are aware of LinkedIn, a professional social media/networking platform used to promote the business of different kinds. This platform is the number one platform used by millions of people worldwide as it has huge user traffic. 

This platform is primarily used to find jobs, expand and grow the business and social networks and find opportunities.

The critical point to be understood is that LinkedIn is not as vast as Instagram or Facebook, but some businesses that rely on a specific activity such as promoting brands, recruiting people, etc., find this platform as the apex choice.

LinkedIn allows its users to create their profiles and find employers offering jobs they are familiar with. You can also use this app to increase your networking and marketing of your business.


Reddit is another widely popular app that has around 50+ million daily users. This platform has communities, aka “Subreddits”,  that focus on a specific niche. 

A few months back, a community called r/wallstreetbets, which deals with trading and finance, started trending when thousands of users from this community began to buy the shares of Gamestop, which led to a massive surge in the share price.

To be precise, the price rose from $17 to more than $400 in just a couple of months!“The GameStop 52-week high stock price is $483, which is 212.2% above the current share price.”

You can also make use of this kind of leverage to promote and grow your business and network by being active and consistently posting your business-related content in the appropriate community.


WhatsApp is yet another excellent marketing platform on this list. From a simple app for messaging, it has now become one of the top apps used to communicate and promote many businesses.

This platform allows you to communicate with your customers and promote your ideas to them. Apart from the basic messaging features, they also provide special business accounts specifically curated for small and medium-scale businesses. 

Facebook Messenger

The last platform that offers vast marketing space to growing businesses is Facebook Messenger. It helps you to extend the online presence of your business page by sending direct messages to your customers.  

Facebook, being the parent company of Facebook messenger, gives free access to its immense and organic user base that acts as a great advertising platform. 

Besides this, it also provides several promo campaigns that are curated for its messaging app. Use it for lead generation, send automated messages and grow your organic traffic. A simple message can help you get new customers and keep your old customers.

Final Thoughts

All of the platforms described above have their features and benefits. To get the best results, choose the most active, relevant, and suitable platform for your business and create content and upload consistently. 

Get the best app to target and influence your audiences, engage with your customers and enhance your business reach. 

We hope the above list of social media apps will help you promote your businesses and comfortably enhance your online socializing. We would love to know your thoughts on how to leverage Social Media for boosting business. Feel free to share your insights in the comments section.

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