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5 Important Reasons You Should Hire a Freelancer to Get Your Startup Off the Ground

 A few years back, the thought of hiring freelancers or remote workers for your business was unimaginable. But today, we see that the internet is flooded with testimonies of business owners, validating the significant contributions of freelancers to their business and economy alike.

There are around 1.1 billion freelancers worldwide, out of a total global workforce of about 3.5 billion. So, gone are the days when freelancers were seen as an untrustworthy option. 

Offering cost-effective and scalable business solutions, freelancers are proving to be a valuable investment. According to reports, 70% of SMBs in the United States have employed freelancers at least once, and 81% of these businesses plan to employ freelancers again.

Reasons You Should Hire a Freelancer

All in all, freelancers can help you in a wide range of departments to launch your business, create a steady flow of traffic, and ultimately, some good profit. But as a startup owner, it is reasonable for you to have doubts regarding whether to hire a freelancer or not.

Here are some important reasons why you need freelancers and how they can contribute to a successful launch as well as the growth of your venture.

5 Reasons to Hire Freelancers 

1- Cut Back Operational Costs 

Did you know that businesses that work with freelancers are likely to cut costs by almost 30%? You just have to compensate the freelancer for the finished project, and you are free from excessive overhead costs, such as medical benefits, bonuses, and insurance, to name a few. Furthermore, you would even have the option to save money on office supplies and space.

After all, financial stability is the foremost concern of every business and most start-ups operate on small budgets and stringent timelines. Skilled freelancers allow you to save money while also making sure that your business-critical operations run smoothly. 

2- Save Time Big Time

Freelancers can prove to be the most time-saving option for startups. Whether it’s the technical obligations or the grueling non-core office duties, freelancers will be your helping hand. 

You still may oversee your business time and again, but getting the particulars done by capable freelancers would give you peace of mind knowing your business is running efficiently and without any supervision. 

Moreover, outsourcing tasks save startups a lot of work and time since they don't have to go through long recruiting procedures. Thanks to platforms like a freelance marketplace, such as TaskShift, finding the right talent for specialized tasks has become a piece of cake. 

3- Get Flexible Schedules 

Since freelancers come from all over the globe, you'll notice that the vast majority of them will comfortably adapt to your time zone. Since they do not stick to a fixed timetable, this flexibility can undoubtedly work in your favor. 

In fact, freelancers believe that working from the comfort of home can improve performance by 13%. When there’s a boost up in the freelancer’s performance, you will ultimately get your work done in an efficient and timely manner. 

For instance, if you need content writing services for a specific campaign, such as promoting your startup company, there is no reason to employ a full-time writer. Hiring a freelance content writer would suffice. 

Contrarily, an in-house employee will keep to a customary 8 hours’ schedule from Monday to Friday. They would most likely not work extra hours or shifts to wrap up a time-sensitive campaign. 

4- Easy to Work With

When it comes to in-house staff, employee management is very strict. If you feel like terminating a permanent employee, you must have to meet all legal and ethical requirements. In certain circumstances, you would be unable to cancel the employment without incurring hefty penalties.

Contrarily, when you hire a freelancer, you have the option to cancel the order or file a dispute in case the individual fails to meet your desired expectations.

However, it is always recommended that you ensure that you go through the portfolio of the freelancers, check their ratings, and read their reviews thoroughly. It will help you hire the best talent for your project in one go. If you find the guy up to your expectations, you can have a dedicated resource for your project who you can hire whenever the need arises.

5-Produce Quality-focused Work

Most freelancers make freelancing their full-time gig, which means that it is their primary source of income. This leads them to ensure that they end up with a happy and satisfied client at the end of every project. This can be ascertained with the reviews of their clients and the respective ratings.

To ensure that every client is a happy client, freelancers accept only a handful of orders so they can finish it in a timely fashion. It allows them to put their focus better on the undertaking and make sure that they produce only top-notch work.

As a client, you should also show patience when asking a freelancer to work on your project and refrain from continuously insisting or forcing the freelancer.

The Key Take-Away Points

Forming your own internal team used to be a good idea some years back. However, economic realities and the ever-changing market trends have taught us otherwise. Hiring an in-house team for your business or venture can result in unwanted outcomes.

Businesses devote more energy and resources to creating and maintaining an organizational staff than they do to the product itself. So, as a start-up, it’s always safer, cheaper, and more effective to employ freelancers for your operational tasks. 

Let’s jot down the summary of the whys and wherefores you need to opt for freelancers as a new start-up venture:

  • It is a more cost-effective choice than hiring full-time resources
  • The hiring process is time-saving and stress-free
  • You get to pick from a global pool of talent
  • Able to secure higher returns on investment
  • No hassle of personnel management
  • Ease with the direct chain of communication 
  • Lower turnaround time 
  • Flexibility in schedule 

When there aren't enough hands on deck, hiring freelancers is an ideal way for startup companies to achieve momentum. Businesses should take advantage of a vast talent pool of freelancers to conduct budget and time-sensitive ventures effectively.

As we all know, start-ups need to optimize their investment and save capital in order to increase profitability-- outsourcing tedious tasks to freelancers allows them to do just that.

This post must have shed some light on the important reasons why you should opt for freelancers when you are just launching a startup.

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