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Social Media Aggregator Tools: How To Make The Choice?

Just as the name suggests, the sole purpose of a Social Media Aggregator is to collect, curate and moderate content from different social platforms in one place so that you can present it in front of the world.

They help you collect content created by your consumers with branded hashtags, mentions, stories, handles, etc.

Social Media Aggregator Tools

Before choosing the best social media aggregator tool lets understand the benefits of using social media aggregator tools:

Benefits Of Using Social Media Aggregator

#1 Saves Your Time And Money

When you invest in social media marketing, the ROI might not be as per your expectations, which might be your major concern. 

But when you use a Social Media Aggregator for fetching the UGC, you save a lot of your time, and the results are promising rather than creating your content every day. 

#2 Engage Your Audience And Create A Sense Of Community

No matter your product or service, embedding the content collected by the social media aggregator on your website will bring in traffic and build conversations for your brand. 

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A social wall with user-generated content will encourage more people to use your branded hashtag, which will lead to more engagement and creating a sense of community.

#3 Build Trust And Authenticity For Your Brand

Social media aggregators help you build trust among your potential customers and create an authentic brand image.

Customers post real-life experiences about your products using the branded hashtag.

The aggregator collects that for you, and when the potential customers visit your website, it generates trust.


#4 Create Unique Content Without Any Repetitions

Each and every one of your consumers is unique, and so is their way of expressing themselves. 

When you use the content created by them, you get something new every time. 

Each and every UGC is unique, which results in no repetitions.

Now that you have understood the benefits, here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing your ideal social media aggregator

A. Getting Updates Real-Time

Social Media Aggregators fetch content for you in real-time using your branded hashtag.

When you embed the aggregated content on your website, it encourages your customers to participate in your social media campaigns using the hashtag. 

You don't need to go through all your social media platforms every day, that's when you benefit from the real-time updates.

B. Analytics

Analytics are performance-tracking social media aggregator tools that are important for any business to flourish.

The analytics are like a background check for your posts; they provide content-specific analysis to determine the most popular and the least popular content. 

Not just that, they also show social network profile analytics that provides stats and what trends you should follow for growth impressions and engagement.

C. Enables You To Moderate & Customize Content

The social media aggregator tools enable you to moderate the content as per your preference. You can filter out the irrelevant or offensive content that you don't wish to use.

Every brand has its theme, and the aggregator provides you with the right customizing tools and templates to enhance your UGC's quality.

D. Multiple Display Options

Once the aggregator has collected all the user-generated content for you, you might wonder whether you have the right platform or device to display the content.

But the beauty of a social media aggregator tool is that you can display the content through any medium, no matter what type of screen or website you have access to.

UGC platforms like Taggbox help create attractive social walls that help you spread your message.

E. Access To Multiple Social Media Platforms

No one wants to miss out on anything. With so many options like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., social media platforms' horizon is vast. 

The best aggregator for you would be the one giving access to multiple social platforms so that you can reach out to a bigger target audience.

F. A Space For Sponsors

A social feed wall that displays UGC has proven to be the most engaging. That can be a great opportunity for your sponsors.

A social media aggregator provides a space for your sponsors along with your own campaign's content. By doing so, you allow your sponsors to interact with the audience. 

There are times when the aggregator has not collected enough content to be displayed on the wall, which leaves a few empty spaces. You can use the sponsored posts as fillers too.

Over To You

When it comes to choosing the best social media aggregator, you might have to sweat a bit. But with this blog, we have managed to make this task easier for you.

Using a social media aggregator in your marketing strategy will be the best investment you will ever make. The results will amaze you!

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