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How To Save A Little Bit Of Money Everyday

No matter what you’re saving for – whether it’s a dream holiday or your first home – there are always ways to cut down costs. With this in mind, here’s our list of ways you can save money every day. 

How To Save A Little Bit Of Money Everyday

Plan your meals

Sure, there are a few times when we get back from work and don’t really feel like cooking. But three takeout meals a week is hemorrhaging your savings. By planning meals, you can save money on bulk buying when at the grocery store and save time on an evening. With meals planned, you’ll already know what to prep and cook when you get home, rather than spending an hour thinking about it. 

Skip the coffee shop

Beat the morning blues with a flask of coffee brought from home. Your commute is the perfect place to save money as a Starbucks a day can cost a good $25 a week – and that’s if you don’t offer to buy anyone else one! Take a flask from home or wait till you get to work. If your office provides free coffee, and you can last the journey to work without caffeine, you could save more money by just grabbing a drink when you arrive. 

Use cashback and coupons

Before buying anything, it’s always worth checking out if there are any Local Coupons available or cashback offers for a store that sells it. That way you can save money on the things you were going to buy already. 

However, the important rule of couponing is to make sure you’re not just buying something because you have a coupon. If you don’t need a brand-new steam cleaner, saving 20% on it still means you paid 80% you didn’t need to spend... 

If you’re looking to buy groceries or a gift for someone, check out the stores offering cashback. If you’re going to spend money, why not be rewarded for it? 

Cut the cable 

If you consider how much live TV you watch a week, in comparison to how many streaming sites you use at the same time, do you even need cable? As cable packages increase in cost every year, you could be saving yourself around $100 a month by removing cable from the house. You’ll still have plenty of content to watch on your endless number of streaming subscriptions. But if you think you can survive with just the one, you might want to consider ending your other contracts, too. 

Keep busy

Working a few extra shifts won’t just earn you a few extra bucks, it’ll also save you some. If you’re busy, there’s less opportunity to spend money or even think about spending money. Keeping your mind active is a sure-fire way to forget about the fact you haven’t had a Starbucks in 3 weeks or bought new clothes in a while. 

While we could go on, we’ll keep it short and sweet – like your shopping list should be. These are just five simple ways you could be saving money every single day. 

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