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Three small changes any good business can make to become a great business

When you run your own business or even a small department of a large business, it can often be hard to decide exactly what to do in your day to help improve the business. Sometimes you can spend months or even years researching and developing a new product or advertising campaign and it turns out to be a failure. That’s because business is so unpredictable that even if you spent so much time and money trying to make a new and successful product, there’s no guarantee that’s what you’ll end up with once it hits the market. Unfortunately, it’s the customers that make those decisions, and their tastes and needs are changing so frequently that it can be difficult to keep up with exactly what they want. Fortunately, there are some small changes that are almost always guaranteed to help improve the success of a business. Here’s a look at three of the small changes any good business can make to help it become a great business. 


Where they appear on search engines

No matter how good a product or service you’re offering, it’s pointless unless a customer can find the product on sale. That’s why on the high street, retailers spend lots of money buying the biggest building in the most prominent part of the busiest high streets. In the virtual world, it’s even more important for websites to stand out from the crowd. If you search for a certain product or service online, it’s likely that any search engine will come up with thousands if not hundreds of thousands of results. While that’s an impressive number of results, it’s highly likely that most potential customers will simply ignore 99.9% of those results. Most customers will just choose a brand that’s on the first page of the results if not the brand that’s at the very top of those results. Businesses can influence how high up they appear in these results by working on their search engine optimization, known as SEO. It’s a very complicated concept to explain but you can learn about SEO and how it affects website rankings here on the ALT Agency website. It’s important to work with an experienced team like this who knows exactly how to improve this ranking.

The prices they buy and sell at 

No matter how impressive the product is, the customer will always want to feel like they’ve got value for money. That’s why even dropping a few pence or pounds off the price, even just for a limited amount of time, can have a big impact on your sales. To avoid this change eating into your profits, also consider whether you could spend less on the materials you need to make your product. Consider buying in bulk as much as you can to reduce costs. 

A simple viral post on social media

Sometimes the best decision any business can make is to post a funny joke or meme on social media that will make them go viral overnight. Whilst there are many examples of successful viral tweets from brands, make sure they are tasteful or you could quite easily persuade a large number of people to never use your brand again rather than having the opposite desired effect. 

An online backlash can seriously dent sales.

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