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10 new-age and lucrative B. Tech specializations in India

B. Tech is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees, and the demand for this program has been rapidly increasing. Students, often choose specific specializations since their knowledge of the subject is restricted to a specific phase. The key technique for selecting an ideal B. Tech specialization is to use one's skills to discover new employment opportunities that arise from time to time. Owing to a lack of recognition, many specializations with promising job prospects have low enrollment rates. Now, have a look at 10 new-age and lucrative B. Tech specializations available in India:

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1- Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Devices (IoT): This curriculum aims to teach students about the technological part of smart devices. This course will help you improve your practical skills as they focus not only on inventions but also on innovations and the improvisation of existing devices. Applications developer, platform provider, testing specialist, technology architect, integrators, and telecom operators are some of the career options that can be explored with this specialization.

2-Smart Mobility Design Engineering: In this specialization, students are taught to plan, build, and troubleshoot mobility vehicles. The mobility market is expected to grow by 10% by 2025, according to a study by global smart transportation. Design, automation, research scientist, equipment, industrial automation, manufacturing, and railway engineers are only a few of the positions available in this sector. 

3-Big Data: This area of expertise focuses solely on the massive amounts of data produced by various organizations around the world. Experts in this field examine and review data to establish organizational strategies.

4-Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology: This discipline is ideal for students interested in the structure of matter, shape-retaining alloys, self-healing polymers, and other molecular states. Most of these nanostructures are used in the manufacture of heavy machinery. Students can expect to work as a research scientist, process engineer, manufacturing engineer, and in many other related roles. 

5-Cyber Security:
It is difficult for businesses to keep track of all the data they receive regularly. Students associated with this cyber security subject area are skilled in the development of software and identifying vulnerabilities for securing this information.

6-Applied Petroleum Engineering: This specialization encompasses a technical division of engineering that focuses on gas and oil extraction and discovery. Petroleum engineer, petroleum geologist, manufacturing engineer, and drill engineer are only a few of the career titles associated with this subject area.

7-Blockchain technology:  This qualification introduces students to the multi-faceted features of the cryptocurrency community as well as new abstract blockchain models.

8-Embedded technology: Wearable technology, such as smartwatches, smart gear, and other related products, are the focus points of this specialization. They create both their outlook and the machinery that supports it. Embedded device engineers, IoT technologists, hardware engineering technicians, mechanical designers, application development engineers, automobile, and configuration engineers are some of the well-known occupations in this category.

9-Aerospace Engineering: It is one of the most important areas dealing primarily with the advancement of spacecraft technology. Students are trained to work on the projects of aerospace engineering's computer technology. Aerospace engineers, computer analysts, planning analysts, software engineers, researchers, and programmers are among the different job positions available in this field.

10-Graphics and Gaming:
This specialization entails excellent technical and IT expertise to build and prototype gaming applications and frameworks. In this area, they work as developers, programmers, code editors, detectors, and several other job profiles.


Students must look for prospective areas before signing up for B. Tech admission. So, if you are aiming for a career with new-age and lucrative B. Tech specializations in India, then you must sign up for this bachelor’s program now!

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