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How To Know My Jio Number, JioFi Number - Check Jio Number, JioFi Number

    In today’s modern world, with the number of SIM cards increasing and popular for every user who is using Jio has become a sort of the second type of SIM card for everyone. Many of them are keeping their primary number and using reliance Jio SIM as their second SIM or primary number, and most will not remember their number. Today most people prefer to select Jio these days because it gives you great advantages like high-speed data. Suppose you have recently purchased a Jio SIM so there are many chances that you will forget your number soon. This is when you enter your phone number to make a recharge or if some people ask for your number. Many of you have forgotten your Jio number, so to help you remember your number, you have some essential guide on knowing your Jio mobile and Jiofi number.

    How To Know My Jio Number, JioFi Number

    How to check Jio number, step by step

    Most people can understand which Jio number check are you are asking about. Sometimes If you forgot your Jio number and need to give that phone number for recharge or some people need to contact you, but you don’t remember your phone number. In that case, all you need to do is just dial a USSD code in your phone and immediately get your precious join number.

    Check Jio number with MyJio App:

    • Do every people know how to know your Jio number on mobile then follow some of the easy steps to know your number on mobile?
    • First, you have to download the MyJio app and open them and press the option with your SIM. If you don’t have this app, you can immediately install it from your mobile phone.
    • After registering in the MyJioapp, you can see your Jio mobile number on your phone screen at the top.
    • You also make sure that your data service is active because these steps will work when the Jio internet has in your Jio SIM on your mobile phone.

    Check Jio number with USSD codes:

    Here is the USSD code to check your Jio number. Dial *1# to know your Jio number by USSD code. This check USSD code will help you get all the details about the SMS pack, data balance, Jio balance, and other information. But some individuals know how to check the Jio number with the check code USSD. Jio is the largest telecom and has a huge user base. This check USSD code helps the customer to know and find out the details instantly. You can know your JIO sim number by using the Jio codes used on your mobile phone.

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    Check Jio number with SMS:

    • Reliance Jio does not have any code to find out your Jio number, but you can find the number by sending an SMS and also check the plan and send it to 199. Then you will get a message with your Jio number and also information about your plan.
    • You can also send the SMS from any non-Jio number to find your Jio number as follows, and after that opening the SMS app and click on create or send SMS option and type in jio<IMEI number> then send it to 70211799999.

    Check Jio number by calling customer care:

    It is an easy and quick way to find your Jio number is to call the Jio customer care number and check and ask them for your Jio sim number. Immediately make a call at 198 and ask them to tell you your Jio number. The customer care will authenticate by asking a few questions. Once you tell them all your correct information, they will tell your Jio number to you with full details.

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    How to know JioFi number:

    Jio is coming up with many amazing offers and plans with high-speed data at an affordable charge, which made mobile internet users switch to Jio as their primary connection. They later introduced some devices like the JioFi router and Jio phone, which received wide popularity worldwide. There is some situation for you that you forgot your Jio number. Every JioFi device comes with a number of 4g SIM installed in the device for connecting to a high-speed network. If you don’t know or lose your JioFi number, then you don’t be able to recharge without knowing the Jio number. You have some ways to know the JioFi number.

    What is JioFi?

    It is a portable broadband device that allows you with a number of users and mobile devices to connect to Jio high-speed 4g internet. It can also be used for your personal wi-fi hotspot. This device allows you to connect a minimum and maximum of 10 devices plus 1 USB connection. Some models have the ability to connect huge more devices.

    You find them in 2 ways:

    • Through SMS
    • Through MyJio app

    Know JioFi number through MyJio app:

    The easiest way to know your JioFi number is by using the Jio app on your smartphone. Download the app on your smartphone from the app store and log in with your Jio password and ID. Once you have logged into this app, you will be able to look at your JioFi number on the top of your smartphone.

    Know JioFi number through SMS:

    • If you don’t have access to your smartphone, you can also know your JioFi number by sending an SMS. These are steps required to know your JioFi number.
    • Open the message on your smartphone. If you are using a Jio number, type your JioFi number device IMEI in the body of your phone and send a message to 199.
    • If using a non-Jio number, then type your JioFi IMEI and send a message to 7021799999.

    Bottom line:

    Finally, by following the procedure mentioned above on how to know my Jio number, JioFi number, and check Jio number, JioFi number you can easily find your Jio number within a few minutes, or sometimes it may take time. So follow the above steps to save your time. The above steps are simple and easy, which will not take much time.

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