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How To Change UPI Pin In PhonePe?

In this digitalized world, PhonePe has become the most convenient platform to make payments. It is nothing but a payment app that makes your payment using BHIM UPI. Including your utility bills, you can pay everything through the PhonePe app. To make your payments online, you have to link your bank account with the app by using all the required details, such as the mobile number and other details. You have to set UPI PIN to make payments through PhonePe, and UPI PIN is mandatory because you will not be allowed to do any transactions without UPI PIN. Here is some detailed information about PhonePe, UPI, and how to change your PhonePe app's UPI PIN.


It is a payment app that makes payments using BHIM UPI and your debit and credit cards. When you use PhonePe, there is no necessity to remember your back accounts or IFSE codes and other details to make your transactions online. Other than a transaction, there are many features available in the PhonePe app, like you can also recharge your mobile, pay credit card bills, buy and sell gold, and a lot more. In addition to it, you can also invest in tax funds, book your HP Gas cylinder, pay at the nearby store, track and manage your refunds. There is also an option to get coronavirus insurance at reasonable prices from your PhonePe app.

If you make payments using PhonePe, you can also get cashback rewards. By using your UPI PIN in the PhonePe app, you can directly make payments from any of your bank accounts instantly. To make the transaction more easily, PhonePe apps support 11 languages as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Odia, Kannada, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, and Bengali.

What is UPI?

The UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface, which is the technology where you can make a transaction without entering your account number. Only by using a unique UPI ID, you can directly make your transactions from your bank account anywhere at any time. By using UPI, you can check your account balance, make transactions from anywhere through your mobile phone. This newly launched payment system is a widespread payment method when compared to others. The six-digit Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is mandatory to make payments, so it will be difficult to make transactions if you forget your UPI PIN. But in the PhonePe app, you can easily set, reset your UPI PIN. Here is the step that you have to follow to set and change the UPI PIN through the PhonePe app.

change UPI pin in phonepe

How To Change UPI PIN In PhonePe Easily-

If you have been using the same UPI PIN for long days in your PhonePe app or if someone knows your UPI PIN, then you should change your UPI PIN for security purposes. There might be many reasons to change to UPI PIN in PhonePe based on every individual requirement, but the methods of changing the UPI pin are the same for every PhonePe app user.

Step 1 -

First, you have to open your PhonePe app by entering the app password if you have any. On the home page, you can see the hamburger menu in the right corner. When you click on that, you can see a drop-down menu.

Step 2-

After the step mentioned above, you have to enter into the 'Bank Account' section. In your bank account section, you can see the linked bank accounts in your PhonePe app. If you have more than one bank account, then all your accounts will be displayed in the bank account section.

Step 3-

In the list of various bank accounts, you have to select the specific bank account for which you want to change your UPI Pin. Once you click on the specific account, the 'Set' option will be visible. The set option will be enabled only when you don't set a UPI Pin for the Back account earlier. You will see a 'Reset' option when you set your pin previously. By using this reset option, you can set a new UPI PIN for the specific bank account.

Step 4-

Once you click on the 'Reset' option, a page will appear by asking you to enter your card details, such as the last six digits and expiry date of your debit/ATM card. Mostly every card will have an expiry date but if you don't have the expiry date in your card, then try entering '00/49'.

Once you are done with your details, there will be a 'send one-time password (OTP)' option at the down. If you click on that, you will receive an OTP from your bank on the registered mobile number or the number that is linked to your bank account. Ensure that the mobile number that you link with your account has a proper signal and valid service to avoid some issues.

Step 5-

After selecting the 'send OTP' option, within the second or minute, you will an OTP at the registered mobile number. Now in the next screen, you are requested to enter the OPT that you received from your bank. If you enter the wrong one-time password, you will redirect to the previous page and get a pop-up message that you enter the wrong password. If this is the case, then you have to fill in the required details again and proceed further.

With the update on you, no needs to enter the new OPT since the PhonePe app will auto-detect the OTP. If it is not auto-detected, you have to ensure that you enter the correct OTP to move further smoothly.

Step 6-

After step 5, that is once you enter your OTP correctly, you will be asked to enter your new Unified Payment Interface (UPI) that you prefer to set for your bank account. Once you enter the new PIN, you will be asked to confirm the new UPI PIN again and click on the OK button to end the process.

You care done now! The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) Pin for your bank account has been set successfully. Once you change your UPI PIN, after few minutes, just log in and check by entering the new UPI PIN that you have set right now, now you can easily make your transaction from your bank account in the PhonePe app by using your new UPI PIN. If you have any questions, then please write for us and also we have written on how to delete PhonePe account.

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