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How To Delete PhonePe Account?

    If you are looking to delete your PhonePe account, then you are in the perfect and right area because there are some steps and guides on removing or permanently deleting a PhonePe account in your mobile phone. There are number of reasons why one person needs to remove their PhonePe account permanently. One of the main things to delete PhonePe is having more than one UPI account or PhonePe account that you need to remove the one which is not usable. Some people why they need to remove their PhonePe account are not getting any cashback while other UPI apps like Googlepay provide the best cashback and offer, or people might not be very happy with the service quality of the PhonePe account. Before removing the account, make sure that you used up all your wallet amount balance. Once the PhonePe account is eradicated, you will probably not get all the money returns from your PhonePe account yours. It is very necessary that you delete your debit or credit card information and delete the bank account you have added to the PhonePe account. Further, no more delay, and Lets remove the card details in the bank account before deleting your PhonePe account permanently.

    Delete PhonePe Account

    Guide To Remove Card Details In PhonePe Account-

    If you use a credit or debit card for any type of transaction, it will get automatically saved on the data server of the PhonePe account. You need to follow the guides and steps below to remove the card information permanently.

    • You need to open the PhonePe app in your mobile phone and go to the money section on the down toggle bar of the app.
    • After you get in the money section, check the payment option by scrolling down your mobile phone screen.
    • After going into the money section, you will clearly see the credit and debit card options available on the screen.
    • Immediately click on the options and see if your credit and debit cards information is saved in that section.
    • If you look at the card details, save them simply. You just click or press on the three-dot icons on the top right side of the card information on your PhonePe account.
    • After pressing that, you will see the delete or remove option, and simply you just click on the end confirmation to eradicate the card details.

    Steps To Remove A Linked Bank Account From Your PhonePe-

    • The first and foremost thing is to open the PhonePe app on your android phone then go to the money section at the down of the app.
    • After entering the money, just visit the payment section and press on the bank account option from the PhonePe account.
    • When you open the account section, you simply see all the bank accounts that are linked to your PhonePe account yours. Just press or click on the bank account you need to remove from your PhonePe account.
    • After you identify the bank account, you need to eradicate or remove it. You will see the unlink of the bank account option.
    • Just press on the option and click yes finally. You have finally and successfully unlinked the account from your PhonePe .
    • Now it is for the end confirmation, and the PhonePe account will ask you to unlink your account. Just click on a tap that unlinks, and instantly, your bank account will be removed from your PhonePe app.

    Let's See How To Delete PhonePe Account Permanently-

    You are sure that you don't need to use any existing PhonePe account, then you have some steps and a guide to remove it permanently. Also, take note that you won't remove or delete card information or bank account details. So please everyone follow the steps mentioned before removing the PhonePe account of your mobile phone. Always remember one thing that you have deleted once your PhonePe account you will not use it again. So better be if you verify that you do not have an amount in your wallet or any important transactions left out on the PhonePe .

    Steps to remove them:

    • First, open the PhonePe app on your phone and just click on the login to the PhonePe app.
    • After you successfully log in, then just press or click on the help button, which displays on the top right corner of your mobile phone.
    • Just do it now. In the right help section, you will definitely see the KYC and the account option available on the PhonePe account.
    • Immediately without delay, just click on the option of the account related problems, and under that, you will see some deleting my PhonePe account option in bold.
    • You go to the solution that just clicks on the deactivate PhonePe account or any how to remove PhonePe account.
    • Now a tiny article will show in front of you, and at last, you will see some deactivate the PhonePe account option. Just click or tap on that icon, and the PhonePe account will be permanently removed or deleted from your mobile phone.

    Tips To Remove PhonePe Account History-

    After paying some important payment, you will not see any transition history because that is private, but you don't know how to clear this history. Hence, people suddenly check or see the PhonePe account history, which is not the best thing. Do not take any stress because the PhonePe will hide the remove or delete transaction history in your PhonePe account.

    Guide To Remove or Delete PhonePe Account Through The Website-

    • If you cannot delete or remove the account through the app, you will see these tips and tricks to remove the PhonePe account through the PhonePe website from your phone.
    • Just open the website of the PhonePe and just log in with all your details in your PhonePe.
    • After that, click or tap on the contact us button from the website, so there are options to contact the PhonePe account support through the mobile phone or by email. Select the option by which you need to call and develop support and told to remove or delete PhonePe account permanently from your phone.

    Bottom line:

    Finally, many company options offer you more fast transactions and are secure with cashback. So best if you verify and test each and every UPI payment account platform before changing to any app that permanently stays in your phone. If you have any questions or you want to write for us, then please comment here.

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