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A Guide To Promoting Your Organization’s Green Credentials

With the increasing focus on environmental awareness and tightening emissions regulations, it has never been more important to find ways of cutting your organization’s carbon footprint.

While this is a tough challenge, it also opens the door to significant opportunities. In a world of fast food and fashion, wasteful production lines, and legions of copycat brands, your brand can quickly stand out from the crowd if it is seen to be doing its bit for the climate crisis.

The reasons for this are self-evident. The majority of consumers want to feel good about the purchases they make, and if they feel that they are supporting a brand that is helping the Earth, then they are likely to feel vindicated with their decision.

Promoting Your Organization’s

Furthermore, brands boasting green credentials are likely to offer different production methods, product materials, a boutique focus, or a compelling backstory, all of which entice customers apathetic to faceless chains.

However, marketing these green credentials is a challenge. If you get it wrong, your claims can sound boastful or even untrue, so you need to make sure the messaging is right in your environmental marketing.

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This is a guide to promoting your organization’s green credentials:

Work with a digital marketing agency

Marketing your environmental contribution as a business is unprecedented. While your in-house marketers are astute when it comes to selling products, engaging consumers on social media platforms, and building a base of repeat customers, they may not be so good at promoting a green message.

After all, it is a contentious subject which is barely out of the news for more than a day. Given the number of brands trying to signal their environmental virtues, your green messaging could easily smack of cynical corporate opportunism.

This is where a digital marketing company that specializes in sustainability - like Eleven Marketing - comes in. They can help shape your message to promote your green credentials without sending out the wrong signals.

Don’t ram your credentials down the audience’s throat

It is worth pointing out that no one likes to be sold to overtly. This is just as true of movies as it is door-to-door salespeople. If the plot is too obvious, the audience is likely to switch off, and it is the same with marketing your environmental achievements.

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You should aim to be subtle when you market your sustainability. An example of this is telling the customer how they are cutting their carbon footprint by buying your product or service rather than how your company is cutting it.

By including your customers in the process of reducing environmental damage, you are likely to engage them further and send a powerful message.

Work your sustainable messaging into existing campaigns

Rather than shouting from the rooftops about your green credentials, consider weaving it into existing marketing campaigns.

For instance, when you launch a product, you could include information about how it positively impacts the environment. Rather than making a standalone statement, you are interconnecting your existing brand with your environmental messaging. You can also submit your ideas through write for us tech.

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