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Recent Local SEO Updates You Must Know to Thrive in 2022

It has been a fast-paced year with several advanced developments in the digital marketing segment. The local SEO isn’t an exception. After the pandemic hit the world so badly, businesses saw a profound change in consumer behavior. You would be surprised to know that 82% of consumers will keep choosing online platforms to purchase commodities or services even after the pandemic subsides. So, Utilizing local SEO has become immensely important to keep your business thriving.

The consumer’s informational needs have increased drastically in recent times. The local market became more competitive to maintain its sustainability. And the giant search engines have made the search processes more user-friendly to meet the user’s expectations. Google is the market dominator with more than 92% market share. Therefore, it is best to focus on Google’s updates for performing local SEO more conveniently.

Local SEO Updates

Well, being an SEO professional or part of SEO companies in Washington DC, you should adapt to the new changes to grab the audience in a far better way. The more you’ll get local traffic, the more conversion ratio will be.

This article describes some of the recent local SEO updates that will help you thrive in 2022. So let’s dig a little deeper to explore them all!

Performing Local SEO Becomes More Convenient With Google Business Profile

When the giant search engine changed “Google My Business” to “Google Business Profile”, they didn’t only change its name. The changes came with new features and updates as well.

Well, with the new changes in the Google business profile, the local business owner can now add updates any time from Google Search and Google Maps. The business owners don’t have to go to the app section for updating or correcting new information or uploading new images. The easy updating feature of Google is a blessing for the local business owners to gain a strong presence in local searches for sure. The changes made the process easier and less time-consuming. So, being a business owner or an agency, you can now have easier access to make new informational changes to your business profile.

Using “Pointy” is a Blessing for Local E-commerce Businesses

Do you know that more than 50% of US customers check the product’s availability online before making their final purchase? These days, people are more likely to get the products as quickly as possible rather than waiting for them. So, having updated in-stock information can boost your online sales as per the recent trends.

So, if you own a local e-commerce business and are thinking about reaching the maximum potential consumers, we have good news for you! In recent times, Google has announced “Pointy” integration.

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With the “Pointy” integration, the local U.S e-commerce business owners can now add their in-stock product inventory to Google. Once fetched successfully, you don’t require doing anything manually. The automated feature of “Pointy” will update the existing stock automatically after you sell an item. This way, you won’t have to perform the same task manually to keep your in-stock products updated. Additionally, the audience will get to see the in-stock products only and feel more confident while ordering the desired product for themselves.

Updating New Attributes Helps Both the Consumers and Business Owners

You may not be aware that Google is continuously releasing new attributes to support local businesses. Additionally, the new attributes help the consumers as well in their search processes.

The attribute is one of the features that provide proactive responses to the upcoming queries from the consumer’s side. When searches are performed, Google understands the exact queries to show the most significant results for the searches.

So, if you have a good Google business profile with the latest updates, there isn’t any critical task to perform for securing the top position in the SERP.

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For instance, Google recently added health, safety, and pandemic related attributes to its business profile. So, if you have recently started selling health products or services, adding them to your Google business profile will attract more traffic to your site. Getting more traffic always increase the probability of gaining a good conversion ratio and revenues.

Finding Local News has Become Easier with Google

Google made it easier to find the latest local news in recent times. These days, the users don’t have to perform any critical searching process to catch up with the latest local news. So, the smooth search processes help the regular users to get a hassle-free search experience.

On the other hand, the local news media and journalists can now get the most benefits out of it as well. Google recently launched two different projects to support the local media and journalists.

· Census Mapper Project

With the Census Mapper Project, you can accumulate and analyze a vast number of data about the local area.

· Common Knowledge Project

On the other hand, the Common Knowledge Project helps access several geographic comparisons for a better analysis at the state or national levels.

The giant search engine also made the local happenings and stories easier to find with several new features.

· Local News Carousel

These days, when people search about the news, Google show the latest local news first after getting the queries prominently. So, if you own a local news media or a journalist, now you can have a better chance to secure your stories in the SERP. This way, the local news media can get the best benefits with the recent features.

· Top Stories Carousel

Well, along with the local news media, Google is also concerned for the top news media organization. So, if the users wish to get the most recent top stories from the reputed media organization, they can also get them. So, this is positive for the giant media organizations as well.

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So, finally, you’re here at the end. We hope you’ve got essential information about the recent local SEO update in this article. Please provide your valuable feedback in the comment section if you find this article informative. Additionally, if you have any suggestions, you can write them in the comment section as well.

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