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10 Ways to Stay In Touch With Your Customers Using What's HOT Right Now - Social Media!

It may seem like everyone you know is already on social media.

What's HOT Right Now - Social Media!

1. Facebook: Fan Pages, Groups, and Apps for Businesses.

Most businesses have some sort of presence on Facebook, whether they're official pages under their company name or unofficial fan pages about their brand. With more than one billion users worldwide, Facebook represents the largest social media platform in the world.

Social Media

Another way small businesses use Facebook marketing is through application development. There are a large number of applications available on Facebook, including games and quizzes that users can play within their newsfeeds or right from their pages. It's also possible to integrate applications into your fan page or website using app tabs. The benefit of using application development is that it provides an opportunity to interact with your customers in a way they are most familiar with, which often results in increased brand awareness for businesses with applications on Facebook.

2. Twitter: Tweets Are Your Own Little Mini-Postings

When it comes to small business marketing, some people consider Twitter too complicated or difficult. Even though the platform requires learning new vocabulary words like "tweet" and "follow," Twitter can be used effectively to bring attention to brands while giving followers more information about what companies do. A great example of this is the Vine App's use by marketers who produce short videos (six seconds or less) that people can share across other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

3. Google+: Join the Conversation & Create Circles of Interest

4. LinkedIn: Showcase Your Company Culture through a Company Page Profile

LinkedIn is another resource for small businesses looking to market their brands online. Not only is it possible to post articles and create blogs on this platform, you can connect with professionals in a professional manner by adding them as connections.

5. Pinterest is All about Visuals + Boards to Highlight Them

6. Instagram is Ideal for Mobile Users with Smartphones Who Love Pictures

7. YouTube is where Videos live…and get discovered by Search Engines in the Near Future

Video is important for marketing, and YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. For small businesses with limited budgets, it can be difficult to have professionally created videos done. However, one of the great things about YouTube is that it allows you to create channels so anyone can upload their own videos. This means customers can post their own reviews of your products or services which you can share on your other social media profiles for free! If you have a product video that shows how something works or demonstrates what happens when certain actions are taken, it's possible to post this on your site as well as directly onto Facebook and Twitter using third-party tools like Tube Mogul With Tube Mogul, users can automatically upload a new video to their site on a repeating basis using RSS feeds, or they can upload videos directly from YouTube.

8. Reddit can be Your Homepage for News and Interesting Discussions

9. Vine: Social Media's Newest, Shortest Video Sharing Platform

10. Foursquare: Location-Based Marketing and Connecting with Customers via Check-ins at Businesses

In today's age of social media, staying in touch with customers is easier than ever. Social media provides small business owners the opportunity to showcase their brand as well as maintain a strong relationship with customers and potential customers. Whether you choose one or adapt to several forms of social media marketing, it's important to make informed decisions regarding which platforms will provide the best benefits for your business. This article discusses how each form of social media can help keep your business connected to its current and future customers using what's HOT right now - Social Media!


Yes, Social Media is just that, social. Your brand can create conversations with customers and prospects through textual conversations on your Facebook Fan Page or Twitter page. This allows people to get to know you better, which may also increase their brand awareness of your company or product(s). Most consumers check out a company's website before they make any purchases, but they are more likely to shop at your business if they like what they see on social media sites - like Facebook or Instagram for example. Social Media offers many opportunities for small businesses looking to market their brands online! It's important to remember that when using these platforms, it is best to be respectful of the people you are trying to attract whether they are.

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The article includes ten suggestions on how to use social media in business. The first suggestion is how to add a "Fan Page" for businesses so the public can access the company's information without wanting to sign up for other social media sites such as Facebook. Next, companies should implement tweets that would be similar to text messages so they are short and sweet. Thirdly, Google+ should be used because it allows users to create different circles of interest around personal or business-related content. Fourth, a company

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